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Execution By Organ Removal – Shocking Testimony In US Congressional Hearing

Radio Free Asia reported in a report entitled, “Organs Taken From Prisoners,” that testimony in front of the Oversight and Investigation and Human Rights Subcommittees of the House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee revealed that the Chinese government routinely allows the remains of executed prisoners to be harvested for organs used for transplants. This has been reported for years with the Chinese government denying the accusations.

File photo of Chinese prisoners having lunch at a jail in Beijing.

Now research indicates that “65,000 Falun Gong practitioners may have been murdered for their organs from 2000-2008.”

Even more shocking were the revelations:

Prisoners sentenced to death cannot account for the large number of organs made available in China for transplants that are often scheduled in advance, Noto said.
“The only way they can be doing this is if they have another source of living donors that are available on demand,” Noto said.
“And I say living donors. And this is where, in some cases, the actual transplant operation itself becomes the method of execution.”

Take a few moments to write your Congressional representative and ask for something to be done to end this barbaric and inhumane practice.

For Freedom,
Freedom’s Herald

Human suffering is abundant

Human suffering IS abundant.

Natural disasters some believe are God’s or Allah’s judgement on those afflicted or maybe karma. Most don’t consider the blame – their heart strings are pulled by the suffering, the forces of a malevolent Earth robbing the innocence of the victims and ourselves. These unexpected and seemingly random events are sometimes blamed on people, yet we all know that the Earth’s forces are only under control in the most benign of circumstances.

On the other hand, the suffering inflicted by human on humans is completely within our power to stop. I sincerely believe that our honor, the inherent spirit of humanity is sullied, no, our worth as a species drops several notches if we do not actively work to end this suffering.

For those safely tucked into their bubble where everything is snug and cozy and blissfully unaware of the inhumane treatment accorded some of our human brethren- stop reading. There is no desire on my part to let the cold hard reality eliminate the peace and happiness that you are experiencing.

On the other hand, if you do have a conscience and care about not just human rights, but also the alleviation of suffering  then I urge you to become informed about the great suffering in Inner Asia.

At the end of May 2012, the Chinese government announced their “Final Solution” for people living the pastoral lifestyle – they are to be removed from the land where they have lived in harmony for thousands of years and resettled in newly built apartment blocks. Although the People’s Republic of China (PRC) is a signatory to the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples which states that “indigenous peoples shall not be forcefully removed from their lands,” Chinese government authorities have established an end-date for the nomads under their control. Citing ‘protection of the grasslands’ is one reason that they have stated, but they fail to understand that the degradation of the grasslands only started after they took over. How could the people who have lived in harmony with the grasslands for thousands of years be responsible? The real reason for their expulsion from the land is the exploitation of considerable mineral wealth beneath the ground. Mongolian herders have reported numerous instances of heavy-handed tactics to remove them and when they seek redress from government authorities they are faced with beatings and/or prison.

It isn’t only the Mongols, but Tibetan nomads and other ethnic minorities from what was once Eastern Turkestan, but now is called ‘Xinjiang” or  “New Dominion” by the Chinese government are also facing the same fate.

It isn’t only the nomads that have it rough. Religious practice is tightly controlled with avowed atheists (Chinese Communist Party [CCP] members) placed in charge of every authorized religious edifice and event. Unauthorized religious gatherings are illegal – no matter whether Christian, Muslim, or Buddhist. An entire religious sect has been outlawed because it had so many members that the CCP felt threatened – Falun Dafa or Falun Gong members have been jailed and suffered terrible consequences at the behest of Chinese government authorities.

If you’re not a nomad or particularly religious you are still not out of the woods, Recent policies, laws and regulations have outlawed education except in the Chinese language. Imagine trying to study the Uighur language, or history or culture in a foreign language. A people with a population greater than several European nations and all levels of education is outlawed in their language in their homeland.

Ancient cities such as Kashgar, famed waypoint on the Silk Route, or Lhasa, the ancient capital of Tibet, have been razed and are now undergoing reconstruction as Chinese cities – effectively erasing their history and any connection with 1500 years of non-Chinese culture and traditions.

The most horrific manifestation of the reaction to the cultural genocide are the instances of self-immolation in Tibet. It would be ridiculous to ascribe their actions as the orders from His Holiness the Dalai Lama or any Tibetan in exile. The facts on the ground are such that rather than commit violence against their oppressors – they have been willing to sacrifice themselves and willingly endure intense suffering to maintain their cultural, linguistic, historical identity rather than watch it erased and the memory retained in books or TV programs.

How we treat the weakest among us is how we should be judged as a species. If we dare to allow the sacrifice of our Tibetan brethren to be in vain, we are no better than the thugs that perpetrate the violence against peace-loving peoples. People with traditions and cultures that reach much further back than the tyranny of the Chinese Communist Party face an onslaught of laws, policies designed to eliminate their existence as a people.

Nobody is asking that you get wrapped around the axle and change your life, but a handwritten letter to your legislative representatives would be of immeasurable assistance. Let your Congressional representatives know that the Chinese government’s policies towards minority peoples, including Mongols, Uighurs, Tibetans, Kazakh, etc. are intolerable.

One letter.
One handwritten letter to tip the balance.

For Freedom,
Freedom’s Herald

Sample Letter
Dear Sir/Madame,
I am writing to express my complete dismay of the manner in which minority people’s rights are observed in the People’s Republic of China.
Policies, laws and regulations enacted by the ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP) are instruments of the cultural genocide against the minority peoples of China.
The restrictions on indigenous education that force minority peoples to learn the Han Chinese language and eschew the tongue of their native homeland.
Restrictions on religious observance, especially placing control of religious activities under the control of avowed atheists (CCP members.)
The destruction and/or complete control of cultural icons to reconfigure them to be consistent with CCP propaganda.
The ‘Final Solution’ for those individuals whose ancestors have lived the pastoral lifestyle for centuries.

Please use your great office to to help the millions of people suffering the destruction of their cultural identity have some hope for a brighter future.
Do not let the sacrifices of brave men and women go for naught.


China's Attacks on Dissidents

According to a report released by the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission, the People’s Republic of China actively targets dissidents inside the US.

  • Some of the espionage carried out on behalf of China is conducted by nonprofessional collectors. These nonprofessional collectors may be motivated by profit, patriotism, feelings of ethnic kinship, or coercion. Even in many cases where there is no obvious direct state involvement in the theft or illegal export of controlled technology, the Chinese government encourages such efforts and has benefited from them.
  • Recent cases of espionage involving China show evidence of more focused efforts at information collection employing sources outside of the Chinese-American community.
  • Chinese operatives and consular officials are actively engaged in the surveillance and harassment of Chinese dissident groups on U.S. soil.
  • Do you have a problem in being told what you can believe by a foreign government?

    If so, I encourage everyone to be a dissident so that the Chinese Communist Party can have more people to watch and spend more money on watching them.

    For Freedom,
    Freedom’s Herald

    The Fix Was In

    According to an article in the Times (UK) entitled, “Olympic chief in ‘secret China deal’ “, a new book alleges that the election of International Olympic Committee president Jacques Rogge was assisted by the government of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) in return for Beijing’s approval as host of the 2008 Summer Olympiad.

    Shocking as that revelation may be, the article also indicates that the PRC spent more money on hosting the games than they spend on education – for a whole year – in the most populous nation on Earth.

    A few more points brought out in the article:

    The security forces evicted thousands of migrants from Beijing and arrested dissidents by the hundreds. Many events played out to half-empty stadiums because officials feared unrest.

    Engineers cut off water to farmers south of Beijing to make sure the capital’s fountains never ran dry and sealed off the city with roadblocks to stop them protesting as thousands became destitute. Some committed suicide.

    Facing questions in Beijing last year over China’s record on human rights and suppression of freedoms during the Olympics, Rogge conceded that perhaps the committee had been naive in accepting the promises made by Chinese leaders – like the sports minister.

    “After all,” he said, “we are idealists”.

    For Freedom,
    Freedom’s Herald

    The People's Republic of China Lies & Denies Human Rights Violations

    According to “China: Government Rebuffs UN Human Rights Council“, a news release from Human Rights Watch – the People’s Republic of China (PRC), as a member of the United Nations Human Rights Council, readily denied the evidence of human rights violations presented in front of that body and rejected any recommendation that might improve their human rights record.

    Everyone heard that because the 2008 Olympiad was to be held in Beijing that the government was loosening it’s grip on power, allowing freedom of speech and generally shedding their nasty, totalitarian policies – but that didn’t happen.

    Everybody must have been bought off to allow the PRC to become a member of the UN Human Rights Council because as the press release says:

    “China has betrayed its obligation as an elected member of the council to uphold ‘the highest standards in the promotion and protection of human rights,'” said de Rivero. “UN member states should not let the review process work this way, or they risk rendering the main reform of the UN’s human rights machinery irrelevant.”

    Don’t we have a responsibility to the people of the PRC to offer them respite from their tyrannical overlords?

    For Freedom,
    Freedom’s Herald

    "How Great The Chinese Government Is" (?)

    Here’s one from ONN:

    China’s Andy Rooney Has Some Funny Opinions About How Great The Chinese Government Is

    Despite all the flowery words and statements, the Chinese Communist Party holds the power of life or death, prison or riches over everyone they control. This movie is just an exaggerated example and nobody will suffer from it. On the other hand, billions of our fellow humans have to watch each and every word out of their mouths.

    For Freedom,
    Freedom’s Herald

    Step 1: Expelling Pro-CCP Officials From Public Office

    Imagine a town or city in the United States of America that has elected officials that are more concerned with not offending the Chinese government than how their constituents feel. Furthermore in this place, the Chinese Consulate (not an official, but the Consul General Peng Keyu) actually incited and rallied a mob to beat up Falun Gong supporters.
    In America.
    Don’t give me that crap that it doesn’t affect you or that the Falun Gong folks should just be quiet. This is America and we need to uphold the rights of people (citizens or not) to speak freely in the United States. The complete details are being reported here.

    Since May 2008, the free assembly of persons advocating against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) have been restricted in Flushing, New York City. Not only has the Consul General, the 2nd highest ranking Chinese government official in NYC, actually assisted with forming a mob to counter their free speech, but shook the hands and thanked the people who did violence upon peaceful people.

    John Caldwell, a stocky twenty-eight-year old U.S. Marine., could hardly believe his ears when he first heard that while he was risking his life for his country in Iraq, his mom was in danger in his hometown of Flushing, New York.
    Flushing Resident Reflects on Mob Attacking His Mom July 08, 2008

    Next, we learn that some of the local elected officials are really unconcerned that angry mobs incited by a foreign government can attempt to silence free speech. Thankfully some have risen to oust them.

    “What directly motivated our recall,” said Liu, “was the two politicians’ rudeness and indifference to Judy Chen and at least 100 other Falun Gong practitioners who were beaten up and threatened with death by pro-communist mobs for their belief.”
    Flushing Man Campaigns to Have Councilors Recalled July 4, 2008

    If you read the article about John Caldwell, the US Marine, you know that Judy Chen is John’s mother.

    Judy Chen, American Citizen and mother of two U.S. Marines, was volunteering at Flushing’s Service Center for Quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) on May 19 when a group of mobsters surrounded their booth, spat on her, shouted obscenity and insulted her, hit her on the head and neck and scratched her face. Since May 17 scenes like this have occurred everyday on Flushing streets where hundreds of mobsters attacked Falun Gong practitioners.
    Flushing Man Campaigns to Have Councilors Recalled July 4, 2008

    I don’t know anyway to contact the organizers (yet), but we should all support this effort to rid ourselves of the public officials that would rather please a foreign government than uphold the obligations of their office.

    For Freedom,
    Freedom’s Herald

    PS It might be that the best way to react would be to set up more of the “Quitting the Chinese Communist Party” booths, all over the country. Although there are probably not very many members of the CCP running around over here, we will catch their attention and that of the media. Stand by for details…