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Protected: Stop Chinese Communist Dictator Chen Quanguo’s Crimes against Humanity in East Turkestan

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China demolishes Mongolian herders’ houses in freezing cold

China demolishes Mongolian herders’ houses in freezing cold
January 8, 2016
New York

Mongolian herders from Inget Gachaa, Tungnuur Som of Alshaa Left Banner attempting to block the officials from demolishing their properties (2016-01-04)

As the temperature drops to below 15 Celsius, Chinese authorities in western Southern (Inner) Mongolia’s Alshaa Left Banner (“a la shan zuo qi” in Chinese), Alshaa Right Banner (“a la shan you qi” in Chinese) and Eznee Banner (“e ji na qi” in Chinese) launched a massive demolition project to start the New Year. Houses, fences and other infrastructure of the Mongolian herders in these areas have been bulldozed by the local authorities without free, prior and informed consent.

A short video clip that the Southern Mongolian Human Rights Information Center (SMHRIC) received from the affected area of Alshaa Left Banner shows that helpless herders attempted to block the officials from demolishing their properties while a bulldozer tore down their house in the background.

“The local government officials simply told us that our houses and fences must be demolished as their bulldozers already started the demolition in our community,” a Mongolian herder named Tuyaa from Eznee Banner told SMHRIC in frustration over the phone. “How can we survive this freezing winter without shelters for ourselves and our livestock?”

“Bulldozers are not in my place yet, but we are determined to resist the demolition,” Tuyaa told SMHRIC. “This is our ancestral land. We have every right to live on our own land.”

According to an official document entitled “Proposal to Implement the Work for Remodeling and Renovating Buildings at Risk of Collapse in Rural Pastoralist and Farming Communities in Alshaa Right Banner” was issued recently by the Banner’s Party Committee. In Alshaa Right Banner alone, seven semi-pastoralist Gachaas (a “gachaa” consists of several villages), nine pastoralist Gachaas where livestock grazing is partially banned, and 24 pastoralist Gachaas where livestock grazing is completely banned are affected by the demolition project as part of the “Ten-Coverage Engineering”.

The so-called “Ten-Coverage Engineering” is a three-year showcase project by the Autonomous Region Government, aiming at “demolishing buildings at risk of collapse, guarantying safe drinking water, urbanization of rural communities, delivering electricity, radio and television services to all villages, developing school infrastructure, improving school safety, establishing standardized hygiene stations and cultural centers, setting up convenient supermarket chains in rural villages, and guarantying minimum pension for permanent residents in pastoralist and farming communities”.

The official aforementioned document proposes to carry out a speedy urbanization of rural Mongolian pastoralist communities with a very limited amount of lump-sum payments – as little as 10,000 yuan (approximately $1,500 USD) in some cases – for each household.

“This is nothing but a decisive move by the Chinese to wipe out our pastoralist culture and way of life through urbanization,” a Mongolian herder from the affected community named Dambaa said in a voice statement. “The heart of Mongolian culture and identity is pastoralism. Once our pastoralism is wiped out, naturally we will cease to exist as a distinct people.”

In the most recent case, on December 17, 2015, riding horses and camels, nearly 100 Mongolian herders from Eznee Banner took to the streets to urge the local government to protect herders’ legal rights and punish the Chinese from the neighboring province of Gansu for illegally occupying their grazing lands.

As China expedites its expropriation of the herders’ grazing lands and extraction of mineral resources in Southern Mongolia, the once beautiful verdant region of Alshaa has been targeted by China’s booming mining industries. The scarce and precious underground water system has been depleted, and the fragile ecosystem has been destroyed. The expanding Chinese mines and encroaching Chinese settlers are threatening the very existence of the unique culture of Mongolian camel herders in this area.

Alshaa herder’ houses demolished (2016-01-04)



Chinese official documents justifying demolition





Hada family goes on hunger strike on Human Rights Day

Hada family goes on hunger strike on Human Rights Day
December 10, 2015
New York
The following is an English translation of a statement for the Human Rights Day 2015 by Mr. Hada who had served 19 years in prison in Southern Mongolia on charges of “splitting the country and engaging in espionage” (English translation by SMHRIC):

Five Years of Plight and Wretchedness

Tomorrow is International Human Rights Day. Five years ago today, I was supposedly freed. However, I was thrown into a “black jail” and imprisoned there for four years. On December 3 and 5, 2010, my wife, Xinna, and son, Uiles, were also arrested. Later on, I found out that the purpose of arresting them was to force me to abandon my beliefs and cooperate with the authorities.

After a nine-month detention, Uiles was released on bail pending trial. A year later, the authorities claimed again that Uiles was guilty but would not be sentenced. Xinna was sentenced to three years in prison with five years reprieve following her yearlong detention. According to relevant laws and regulations, Xinna’s prison term was supposed to expire on December 2, but the authorities claimed that it will not happen before 2017.

Over the past five years, we have undergone unbearable ordeals. All of our rights have either been taken away or restricted. We have been treated like criminals. Your organization and others in the news media have already reported on these in a timely manner. Therefore, allow me to skip the details today. The only thing I would like to point out is that since mid-November, the control from the authorities has been exacerbated. I have been barred from having relatives visit me and deprived of my right to communication.

Regarding either prison or black jail, except for some special cases, no other family has ever been put into this situation. People are saying that 2015 is the year in which Chinese human rights conditions have deteriorated the most. I still think it is possible that the situation will deteriorate further. Therefore, my family has decided to go on a one-day hunger strike tomorrow to express our strong protest.


December 9, 2015

After 19 years of imprisonment Hada still treated as prisoner

After 19 years of imprisonment Hada still treated as prisoner
October 22, 2015
New York

Mr. Hada, a Southern (Inner) Mongolian political prisoner who completed 19 years of imprisonment in Chinese prisons last December, is still treated by the Chinese authorities as a prisoner, according to a statement from his wife Xinna to the Southern Mongolian Human Rights Information Center (SMHRIC).

Pictures sent to the SMHRIC show that Chinese State Security personnel are guarding Hada closely. On the stairways and in hallways, State Security dispatches set up folding beds and chairs as they took turns monitoring every single activity of Hada around the clock.

Chinese State Security dispatch monitoring Hada in the hallway (SMHRIC photo)

Chinese State Security dispatch monitoring Hada in the hallway (SMHRIC photo)

“This is one of two State Security dispatches who watch Hada in the hallway,” Xinna explained about one of the pictures sent to the SMHRIC. “The one seen in the picture left hastily upon seeing I was taking pictures of him.”

“State Security agents squeeze themselves in this small space, no larger than 9 square meters, to monitor Hada every day,” Xinna said in the statement. “This is the so-called ‘freedom’ Hada is given. The pictures tell you that Hada’s imprisonment is still continuing. Only the place has changed.”

Folding bed is setup by the Chinese State Security to guard Hada around the clock (SMHRIC photo)

Folding bed is setup by the Chinese State Security to guard Hada around the clock (SMHRIC photo)

Chairs and electric heaters used by State Security personnel who monitor Hada around the clock (SMHRIC photo)

Chairs and electric heaters used by State Security personnel who monitor Hada around the clock (SMHRIC photo)

Chair and folding bed of the Chinese State Security agents in front of Hada's door (SMHRIC photo)

Chair and folding bed of the Chinese State Security agents in front of Hada’s door (SMHRIC photo)

Put under a de facto house arrest in an apartment owned by the Public Security Bureau, Hada told the SMHRIC that he is treated no better than a prisoner.

“My health has been deteriorating,” Hada said in a message sent to the SMHRIC. “Now I am only about 50 kilograms. During torture and maltreatment, my weight even dropped to 40 kilograms.”

Hada said that the State Security agents not only monitored him closely but that they also followed him everywhere.

“Once I went to the Hohhot Train Station to pick up the Mongolian traditional dairy food my relatives sent to me. State Security agents followed and asked me to open the package,” Hada said in a short statement to the SMHRIC. “I refused and complained loudly that the Chinese authorities are treating me badly and unfairly as a Mongolian,” Hada continued. “Lacking confidence with what they were doing, the State Security agents disappeared into the crowd as many Mongolian passengers gathered to help me.”

In 1995, Hada was arrested and later sentenced to 15 years in prison on charges of “splitting the country and engaging in espionage.” On December 10, 2010, he completed his full prison term. Yet, not only did the Chinese authorities refuse to free him, but they placed him under another 4 years of extrajudicial detention in a “black jail” in suburban Hohhot.

Despite the torture and maltreatment he has been subjected to in the past 20 years, Hada has consistently refused to admit that he committed any crime. He is still determined to sue the government and the Public Security authorities for illegally sentencing him to 15 years in prison, holding him for another 4 years of extrajudicial detention, and maltreating and persecuting him and his family members.

His wife, Xinna, was arrested on December 4, 2010, on a trumped-up charge of “involvement in illegal business,” referring to her Mongolian Studies Bookstore. In April 2012, she was sentenced to three years in prison with five years reprieve on the same charge.

In 2002, the then 17-year-old Uiles, son of Hada and Xinna, was arrested and sentenced to two years in prison for another trumped-up case of “involvement in robbery.”

On December 5, 2010, Uiles was arrested for “illegal drug possession.” After nearly a year of detention, he was discharged but was placed under “residential surveillance,” a form of house arrest.

Last week, Uiles was arrested for “obstructing official business,” and currently he is still held in the Bogot City (“bao tou shi” in Chinese) Public Security Bureau Detention Center.

Ai Weiwei on Tibet

From the Tibet Society:


On the 16th of September, Ai Weiwei was in London and during a Q&A session was asked ‘how the Chinese felt about the oppression of the Tibetan people.’

His carefully worded answer:

“Tibet, and also some related situation like minority situations, [is the] result of this whole system. If the system is not changed, if the political situation is not changed, I don’t think Tibet has a chance for the condition to change.”

“It’s a very sad situation but I think it is lacking of communication, lacking of sincerely understanding of humanity or respect of different culture and language. This not only happens to Tibetan people but also happens to Chinese. It’s just the general condition.”

For Freedom!

Hada: “Mongolia is a Great Nation”

Hada: “Mongolia is a Great Nation”
SMHRIC Sep 7, 2015
New York


The following is an English translation of an article written by Mr.Hada who served 19 years in jail in Southern Mongolia on charges of “splitting the country and engaging in espionage”:

The following is a discussion of the land and people of Southern Mongolia, a region historically part of Greater Mongolia but in recent history has been colonized and plundered by the Chinese. For the sake of this discussion, I have recognized Southern Mongolia as separate from the Mongolian nation as a whole in order to emphasize its size and strength and by no means to discriminate fellow Mongolians living elsewhere.

The total population of the Mongolians excluding those nominally regarded as “Mongolians” in Southern Mongolia is three million. Depending on the criteria being used, the number of nations or peoples around the world is considered to be between 2000 to 8000. Those counted as “larger” includes more than 200 nations; Southern Mongolia is inarguably one of them.

Another criterion required to meet in order to define a nation is “large” is if the nation has formed an educational system spanning from elementary school to college in its native language. An increasing number of Southern Mongolians earning PhDs in Mongolian fulfills this criterion.

Among the world’s nearly 200 countries, there are a great number of them that have populations less than one million and occupy territories much smaller than Southern Mongolia. Southern Mongolia has the firm population and territorial foundation to create its own nation state. People around the world have no reason to disqualify this claim.

Mongolia is not only a large nation but a royal nation. Chinggis Khan, the founder of the Mongol empire, spread Mongol rule from the Pacific to Atlantic Ocean and is considered to be the emperor of mankind.

The total global population of Mongolians tops ten million, not including those who have been partially assimilated and have yet to restore their national identities. If you also include the population of Tatar origin, the population of indigenous Mongolians would top 100 million. How many other nations have population more than 100 million on our planet?

Therefore, the Southern Mongolians are by no means an “ethnic minority”. It is an undeniable fact that they are the indigenous people of a great nation. In order to serve their hidden political agenda, the Chinese discriminated against us and downgraded us to an “ethnic minority.” It serves a political agenda of the Chinese to belittle the Mongolian nation, diminish national self-confidence and cause them to abandon any aspirations of self-determination. The Chinese government skillfully hides the true nature of colonization in occupied nations by employing the term “ethnic minority” over more legitimate terms such as “indigenous people” or “indigenous nation.” Furthermore, this alleged “minority” status is used in contrast to the 1.5 billion Han majority. Why must we be compared to them? Why isn’t our nation being compared with the Vatican whose population is less than one thousand?

Are we really destined to the status of “ethnic minority” imposed on us by the Chinese? Are we truly devoid of the capability of building and running our own nation state? Why don’t we make our mind to fight for our future? We have no reason to sit back.

In summary, we are not a weak and small “ethnic minority”. We are the great and indigenous nation of the Mongolian Plateau. The Chinese colonial regime will inevitably collapse and in the near future we will be free. My fellow Mongolians, never give up, never lose confidence!

June 17, 2015

Topics in Southern Mongolian Human Rights March 2014

The Demise of Florida Splendid China part 24

Another Confronting the Propaganda In Front of the Propaganda action was held on May 4, 2002 when an Inner Mongolian People’s Party statement was read commemorating the 55th Anniversary of Chinese Communist Takeover of Inner Mongolia.

For Freedom,
Freedom’s Herald

The Demise of Florida Splendid China part 23

Earlier in 2002, there were similar “Confronting the Propaganda in Front of the Propaganda,” demonstrations inside the theme park (not difficult if they set the annual pass to cost the same as one admission…)

One such action was to read a statement from the International Tibet Independence Network about the abduction of the reincarnate Panchen Lama by Chinese authorities. Arrested as a child and held incommunicado for years, it is a glaring example of the lengths to which Chinese Communist authorities will go to maintain absolute control.

For Freedom,
Freedom’s Herald

The Demise of Florida Splendid China part 22

August 31, 2002 a demonstration was held to commemorate the 53rd anniversary of plane crash that killed leaders of the East Turkestan Republic. A joint statement was read in front of the so-called Mausoleum of Genghis Khan, as well as a Uyghur American Association statement in front of the Tomb of Apak Hoja exhibit.

The video below indicates what happened outside the gates of Florida Splendid China for several hours while tens of thousand of automobiles drove by, just a few miles from Disney World.

For Freedom,
Freedom’s Herald