Chinese Police Threaten Muslim Poet Who Tweeted About Xinjiang Camps

A prominent Muslim poet has been visited and threatened by police after tweeting about the mass incarceration of Uyghurs and other ethnic minorities in China’s political “re-education camps.”

Cui Haoxin, a member of the Hui Muslim ethnic group known by his pen-name An Ran, received a visit from the local state security police after he sent and retweeted posts from his Twitter account about the detentions.

“Chinese police raided my home and warned me not to use my social media account, such as Twitter and Facebook,” Cui wrote in a blog post about the Aug. 16 visit. “Five policemen went into my home and talked with me for two hours. The threat is real!”

“Recently a meeting of the U.N. discussed re-education camps that hold several million Muslims in China,” he wrote. The U.N. has estimated the numbers detained at around one million. “Today this discussion happens between Chinese police and me.”


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