Friend China is torturing Muslims, but Islamic Republic Pakistan is quiet. Here’s why

New Delhi: China’s Muslim Uyghur population is said to be languishing in “re-education camps” in the country’s Xinjiang province, where they are stripped of their rights to practise Islam and forced to assimilate into the Chinese Communist culture.

Right next door is Pakistan, the world’s first avowedly Islamic state, which should have been at the forefront of protests against the crackdown, just as it routinely threatens to internationalise the situation in Muslim-majority Jammu & Kashmir.

Only last week, as a Dutch Right-wing lawmaker planned to organise a cartoon contest over the Prophet Mohammed, #OurProphetOurHonour trended on Twitter, and thousands of hardline Islamists sought to convince the newly installed Imran Khan government to cancel diplomatic relations with the Netherlands.


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