The true story of the Uyghur girls in the prison

The True Story of an Uyghur Girl In Prison
It’s almost spring, but in the city of Hotan the weather is still such freezing cold. The twenty-five women are crowded in the tiny cell with less than fifteen square meters. They are dirty and hungry and there is no bed in the cell; they sleep on the rough, cold concrete floor. They have a stink on their bodies, because for more than three months, they have not been allowed to shower or wash. The most painful thing is that they have no paper to use when menstruation comes.
Every day, they can get very little water to drink. Because they are no sanitation conditions, they must also suffer through the lice crawling all over their bodies and sucking their blood.
No windows, so it’s always dark. They can’t see sunlight, they can only see the sun’s rays when small windows are open by a prison officer from the top of the building or very weak light that comes through the spaces around the iron window, or when they go outside for fifteen minutes each day.
Young ladies between the ages of 18 and 14 are still children, some of whom are middle school students. They want to go home. They want to go to school.
Some of them went to jail because they spoke the truth with their teachers.
When the teacher asks them at school:
Do you have religious practice in your house?
– Yeah, really. We do. The girls said proudly.
The parents then were taken to prison, as they were jailed because they refused to say, “No God anymore ” and “Jin ping is a God of the people”.

One of them was sent to prison because she refused to marry Chinese Han. This is the real story happening today, October 2018, in East Turkestan called Xinjiang by China (means new colonization.)
They are trapped because they are the daughters of a nation that will not surrender. Most importantly, they have faith, they have been taught about the divine and received a family education, their body must remain clean, and their heart remains kind, their words are harmonious, with everyone being fair and kind. She must love God. But now, in this way, someone wants to destroy her will, her faith, and her culture, because she is a nation whose cultural habits are greatly appreciated.
“I go to jail because I love my God,” she said silently to herself, no one can hear. Her black eyes sparkle with the light of hate in the corner of the cell.
“I am in jail because I love my body, and I love my dignity. My sister was right, prefer suicide, I will not let this Chinese Han who never knows God, he is a man who cannot crush me. It must be more important to die in prison, I can’t be a partner of the aggressor.
The cell door suddenly opens, the young lady is brought in like wood, like hollow wood. More like an empty crowing when she comes to the cell, she falls, because she can no longer stand anymore. Her weakness silently screaming breaks the heart. It was very painful when it was pulled at night.
At this moment, the little girl who looks to the young lady, she seems to know what the night trial means for them. Her eyes look like a bright sharp sword. I think this beam will burn and destroy all evils.
(no end yet)
October, 3,2018

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