A Shame Time for the Uyghur Girls

By Rozinisa

The little girl still in the dark jail. She seems to have seen eyes around her. But those eyes are full of fear and self- protection but lack compassion and care. The prison aspect, as usual, using all kinds of temptations and deceptions, there is also a promise that cannot be achieved to let them self-guard and mutual suspicion. Because once they unite, that is a big disaster for this government. So, they always use this old method to anywhere anytime to these local people.
The little girl also saw some of them isolated from the young lady. It’s like trying to avoid a person with an infectious disease.
Suddenly, the little girl stood up, and move towards the young lady. She silently helps the young lady and helps her sit down. The young lady’s heart feels warm at this stage, so suddenly she is crying aloud. The little girl quickly covers her mouth. She knows if the crying is heard by any jail guard, a bigger disaster will come. So, she uses a corner of her headscarf silently to wipe the young lady’s tears. Because they have no right to cry or speak. Crying or speaking in this jail is considered a protest this government.
The little girl looks at the young lady in fear, she is very scared. She is afraid that one day the night trial will be her turn. Because she doesn’t know what will happen exactly in the night trials as others before she has suffered.
Sher name is Nazigum. She is fourteen years old, and she is one of the twenty-five women in this cell. She is also one of tens of thousands of innocent Uyghur girls being detained.
Since September 4, 2017, she has been in this jail because they spoke the truth with their teachers about her family religion activity. Then her parents were taken to prison, as they were jailed because they refused to say, “No God anymore ” and “Jin ping is a God of the people”. And her five years old sister and 9 years old brother wat take to the orphanage (called ‘ Happy Kindergarten”). After several trials, the cell guard has asked her the same questions and received the same answers, maybe they will never hear her again. In the last 6 month, she was sent from another jail to this jail. Because there are some places called extremists who are stubborn.
The day begins early.
“Nazi! stood up” soundly with the sound of the prison guard opening the iron gate of the cell. But suddenly the guard covered her nose with her sleeves.” Why is there such so bad smell?” she said to pretend to know nothing.” Come here, “said the prison guard angrily.
Nazigum slowly got up because she was very scared. More importantly that she was afraid to be interrogated. It was a terrible and shameful moment. they forced her to remove her all clothes and forced her to stand in the spotlight and bundled her hands up high. For the prison guard, this was not enough, they would also tie her legs apart and tied up. At that time, the little girl often hears the male jail guard’s erotic laughter. That shame will not be forgotten throughout his full life. When she is thinking about that terrible time, her legs seem to be frozen. She cannot move anymore.
“Nazi?come here quickly!” the guard calls again angrily at the door and closed the door quickly, she is now in handcuffs and her ankles shackled to her hands.
The little girl knows that when they are taken out from their cell with handcuffs and ankles shackled. They may not return, and no one knows where they are taken or what will happen to them. silence is the only way in this jail,
October11, 2018

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