RFA: Dozens Detained As Muslims Resist Mosque Closures in China’s Yunnan

Chinese authorities in the southwestern province of Yunnan raided and forcibly evicted local ethnic minority Hui Muslims from three mosques at the weekend, saying they were engaged in “illegal religious activities.”

The three mosques in Yunnan’s Weishan county were raided by more than 100 riot police and People’s Armed Police on Saturday, local Muslims told RFA.

But local Muslims resisted the eviction, and dozens of people were detained and injured in the ensuing clashes, they said.

“First, they went to the Huihuideng Mosque [in Huihuideng village], and everyone resisted them, holding hands tightly, so they forced their way in, shoving us aside, one by one,” an eyewitness told RFA. “There are still four or five people in the hospital.”

“It seems as if this government is determined to persecute any kind of religious activity,” they said, adding that the crackdown on ethnic minority Uyghurs and other Muslims in the northwestern region of Xinjiang now appears to be spreading to the rest of China.

“The atmosphere is similar to the Red Terror, where there is no freedom of speech to speak of,” they said.


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