RFA: Chinese Officials Probe Mongolian-Language High School After Flag Outrage

Chinese authorities in the northern region of Inner Mongolia are investigating a high school in the region after it hung up the flag and national symbols of Mongolia, an independent, democratic country sharing much of the Chinese region’s culture.

Authorities are investigating the Ulaanhad Mongolian No. 1 High School in Ulaanhad city, known in Chinese as Chifeng, a New York-based rights group reported.

The school, which offered a Mongolian-language education, had had the Mongolian flag and emblem on display in its classrooms, according to social media reports.

It is now being investigated for “separatism,” amid calls on social media for its teachers to be jailed, the Southern Mongolia Human Rights and Information Center (SMHRIC) said in a statement.

It cited media reports as saying that the Ulaanhad city government’s propaganda department is carrying out an investigation.

Photos illustrating official media reports showed students in traditional Mongolian dress dancing in their classroom with a Mongolian national flag on the wall in the background.

The students also enjoyed traditional Mongolian food and took group pictures in their classroom which was decorated with a large national emblem of the independent country of Mongolia, a map of the Mongol Empire, and paintings of the Mongol Khan emperors, SMHRIC said.

“Any thought or act that runs counter to China’s national sense of common destiny is … doomed to failure,” the article said.

“Although it is said there are 56 nationalities in China, in fact there is only one nationality, which is the Chinese nationality,” one comment on the Sina.com news site read.


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