RFA: U.K. Would be ‘Irresponsible’ to Allow Huawei to Bid For 5G: Think Tank

A former British diplomat called on Wednesday for Chinese telecoms giant Huawei to be excluded from bidding for the next generation of 5G mobile technology contracts, saying allowing such a move would be “irresponsible.”

In a report for defense and security think-tank the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), Charles Parton warned against Beijing’s “rigorous, ruthless advancement of China’s interests.”

“Allowing Huawei’s participation is at best naive, at worst irresponsible,” Parton wrote in the report, citing China’s history of cyber attacks as an integral part of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s interference in other countries.

“The history of China’s cyber attacks shows that an integral part of CCP interference abroad is getting access to a wide variety of information, whether related to industry, commerce, technology, defense, personal details or politics,” Parton wrote.


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