Cracking the Great Firewall of China

It started when Nart couldn’t remember his password to his Chinese MySpace account. He started to look at the PRC’s version of Skype and so began a revealing look at how the Chinese government infiltrates, collects data and controls what the people of Chinese are allowed to read, see and hear.

The article in the Canadian Globe and Mail entitled, “How a Canadian cracked the Great Firewall of China” outlines the process Nart Villeneuve undertook and mentions the following:

“You can see that they’ve been tracking people who have been using Skype as a platform to promote freedom of expression and to criticize the communist party in China,” Mr. Villeneuve said…
He quickly discovered the messages were flowing to eight servers that, upon closer inspection, were found to contain 166,766 censored messages from 44,254 users, as well as their personal information.

If you have been communicating to friends in the PRC via Skype it is quite possible that there is a file on you with the authorities. All for your own thoughts and ideas which you thought were private.
If Skype was hacked for the Chinese government, what other applications do you normally use could be compromised for them?
Stay alert, stay free.

For Freedom,
Freedom’s Herald

Update on October 15th:
The Dark Visitor blog has a link to the detailed report. A direct link to the pdf file is here.

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