SMHRIC: SMHRIC statement at the Uyghur rally in Washington DC

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters,

My name is Enghebatu Togochog. I am from Southern Mongolia, China’s another occupied nation like East Turkistan and Tibet.

It is great to be here today to stand in solidarity with our Uyghur friends who are experiencing a humanitarian crisis in front of the eyes of international communities and democratic world.

The entire Uyghur population is targeted by the Chinese Government just for being who they are; millions of innocent Uyghurs are locked up in concentration camps without any legal due process; their basic human rights and fundamental freedoms are denied.

50 years ago, the Government of China experimented its first-round of ethnic-cleaning in Southern Mongolia; a large-scale genocide campaign was carried out. Hundreds of thousands of Mongolians were killed indiscriminately as “national separatists”; nearly a half million, or one out of three Mongolians, were persecuted. Unfortunately, this Mongolian genocide was largely hidden from the public view due to China’s complete isolation from the world at that time.

50 years later today, the entire Uyghur population is subjected to another form of genocide under the name of “counter-extremism” and “counter-terrorism”.

While 50 years ago Mongolian genocide was carried out in a secretive manner in the completely isolated China, 50 years later today, Uyghur genocide is carried out openly in front eyes of the well-connected world.

Overseas Uyghurs communities in exile have done an extraordinary work to publicize and bring to the attention of the international community the ongoing genocide; many courageous Uyghur survivors and witnesses risked the lives of their loved ones to break the stories to the world.


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