Petition: Sanction China’s President Xi over His Distributed Mass Killing of up to a Million Uyghurs

Sanction China’s President Xi over His Distributed Mass Killing of up to a Million Uyghurs

April 17, 2019

On April 3, 2019, 24 senators and 19 House members among US lawmakers signed a letter calling for sanctions against China’s top official in East Turkestan (also known as the Xinjiang region) [1]. The reasons for the sanctions mentioned in that letter included the alleged abuses — including mass detentions — against the Uyghurs. UN investigators have been saying for about a year now that some one million people had been rounded up in East Turkestan in a massive network of cramped detention camps, with China pressing Uyghurs to renounce Islam through actions such as forcing them to eat pork, which is forbidden for Muslims. However, the crimes that have been committed against the Uyghurs and the damages made to the Uyghur race far exceed the above description. The mastermind who planned and is controlling every step of this whole crime against humanity is China’s president Xi Jinping, and Chen Quanguo, the Communist Party secretary in East Turkestan, is just the executer and scapegoat for Xi. The information that we have collected from various sources, including direct communication with some Uyghur witnesses, tells us the following truth on the current situation of the Uyghurs in East Turkestan:

1. About 500,000 physically and intellectually strong Uyghurs, including most Uyghur elites, who were originally detained in concentration camps in East Turkestan have been transferred or are currently being transferred to prisons in other Han provinces. The destinations reported by Bitter Winter include Shanxi, Heilongjiang and Inner Mongolia [2]. The intension of the Chinese government is to kill them all. Some of them have already been killed, and this process is continuing today.

2. The remaining physically and intellectually strong Uyghurs originally put in concentration camps were later given 10 years or longer jail terms on a mass scale (such as 500 people per day in one location) and transferred to prisons in East Turkestan.

3. About one million Uyghur detainees have been transferred to Gansu province [3].

4. Some of the detention camps have been converted to prisons, and some to so-called “re-education centers”. This process is currently still ongoing.

5. The Uyghurs who are still in concentration camps now are the low-income ones and peasants.

6. In preparation for the visit of an EU fact-finding team, the local government is currently removing the barbed wires on the walls of some concentration camps and also some check point stations on the streets.

7. About 500,000 pre-school and elementary-school aged Uyghur kids are currently in so-called “orphanage centers” and so-called “boarding schools”. The reality is, however, these are all children’s concentration camps. These children are not allowed to visit their parents (if they are still alive) in their homes. In some cases, they are allowed to talk to their parents only once a month over the phone. All of them are now receiving systematic brainwashing. The aim of such brainwashing is to convert their identity to that of Han Chinese.

8. The Chinese government has selected some special groups of 4 – 5-year-old children from orphanage centers (whose both parents were taken to concentration camps or prisons) and is training them as future international spy agents.

9. Modern science has found that human nature can be changed in such a way that man will forget his longing for freedom, dignity, integrity and love. This can be achieved by artificial biological selection, drug use, as well as completely unlimited use of torture and brainwashing [4]. The Uyghurs currently being kept in prisons, adult concentration camps, and children’s concentration camps are being subject to all of the above tactics so that they will become a special type of human beings who will have lost all of their basic human nature, especially the human character which makes it possible for one to say “No” to authorities.

10. The Chinese government violates almost all international laws, treaties and agreements. They are currently using the Uyghurs detained in prisons and concentration camps as materials for types of biological experiments, as well as sources of the living organ harvesting business.

11. The Uyghurs who are not in prisons or concentration camps are now living in open-air prison-like conditions and Uyghurs outside China are also living mentally abnormal lives due to the tragedy happening in their homeland.

12. The Chinese government has almost achieved their originally set goal: Kill and handicap 1/3 of Uyghurs, detain the other 1/3 and convert the remaining 1/3 into “special human beings” who will have lost their normal human nature or to “converted Han people”. This process is also currently ongoing.

13. Some Uyghur observers abroad are estimating that up to one million Uyghurs might have been killed since 2016, and up to another 4.5 million Uyghurs are currently being detained in prisons, concentration camps and children’s concentration camps. The statement of “Up to One Million Uyghurs Have Been Detained” has already become a past story. These figures seriously need to be updated.

While a group of US lawmakers is calling for sanctions against Chen Quanguo, China’s top official in East Turkestan, Xi’s government in China is taking steps to promote him to a much higher-ranking position [5,6]. Although Xi’s government has committed and is still committing crimes against humanity rarely seen in human history by killing up to one million Uyghurs during the last 2 plus years, some international bodies are still welcoming Xi and other Chinese top officials with red carpet [7], instead of declaring sanctions against them and holding them responsible for their crimes. This must stop.

In the early morning of June 4, 1989, the day on which the 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre took place, the Chinese Red Cross estimated that 2,700 people had been killed. But for weeks following the massacre the Chinese government reported through all of their state media outlets that only 3 people died and two of them were military personnel. The Uyghurs in East Turkestan lost about 10,000 lives during the July 5th Urumchi massacre in 2009 with the well-planned operation of China’s armed police, but the government reported afterwards that a total of 194 people died and 147 of them were Han Chinese. Western governments and the western media still quote these numbers to this day, almost 10 years after the massacre took place in Urumchi: “A total of 194 people died and 147 of them Han Chinese.” The communist Chinese government spends billions of dollars to hide the truth, to lie to the world, and to deceive the entire international community in everything, small to large, including what has happened and what is happening to the Uyghur people in East Turkestan. Given these facts and conditions, it is wrong for various international communities, western countries and all open societies in the world to use the same reporting standards to China as they do among themselves. Everything China is doing to the Uyghurs in Eastern Turkestan is top state secret, punishable with death sentence if leaked. We hope the international community be mindful of this and stop this wrong practice from now on.

We believe human beings should be the Master of Technology, not its slaves; scientific development should not threaten the existence of a human race; and economic development should not be achieved at the cost of cultural genocide. But today, in the hands of the communist Chinese government, East Turkestan and the Uyghurs have become the field and object for testing/piloting the most innovative advanced surveillance methods and other technologies to control human beings. Similarly, the Uyghur culture has become the victim of China’s economic development. The fate we are facing today is not the issue of only one human race getting vanished. It is the issue of technology enslaving humanity, and it is the issue of technological means turning this world into a prison. It is also the issue that humans are losing their purposes and standards and being sacrificed for technological advancement. Uyghurs in East Turkestan have already started to experience this kind of trend. We hope the world sees this as much as we do.

Your voice is precious to us. By signing this petition, you are saving countless innocent lives. Please sign this petition and help the Uyghur people in their struggle against the evil Chinese government.

Thank you!

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