SMHRIC: Two more WeChat group administrators detained

Ms. Bai Xiurong, a herder and WeChat discussion group administrator, was detained by Urad Middle Banner Public Security Burean (SMHRIC – 20190422)

As Ms. Bu Xiaolin, chairman of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, visited the northern border of Urad Middle Banner on April 22, 2019, more than a hundred local herders gathered in front of the local government to demand a meeting with her. A dozen were arrested, and two protestors who maintained multiple WeChat discussion groups were placed under a 14-day administrative detention.

According to communications received by the Southern Mongolian Human Rights Information Center (SMHRIC), the local authorities have not taken any effective measures to protect the natural environment and have failed to provide adequate compensation to affected communities.

Among the protestors were Ms. Bai Xiurong and Mr. Altanbagan, two Mongolian herders who maintained and hosted a number of discussion groups via their only available social media tool, WeChat. Both were thrown into the SWAT team vehicles, along with about ten other protestors.

“Bai Xiurong’s sister was summoned to the Public Security Bureau personnel yesterday. She was forced to surrender Bai Xiurong’s phone,” local herder Tsetseg told the SMHRIC in an audio message. “The Public Security Bureau accessed her phone and wiped out all the WeChat discussion groups she maintained.”

Local herders said that since Bai Xiurong’s arrest, her disabled elderly parents, who need constant care, have been left unattended, and her livestock remained inside the fence without fodder or water.


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