Doubt Arises in Account of an Attack in China

New witnesses have come forward to provide a different account of the violence in Kashgar on August 4th.
The official account related that two Uyghurs ran a truck into a group of police that were running down the street, however, the new eye-witness accounts say that uniformed Police held machetes and were hacking.

“A lot of confusion came when two gentlemen, it looked like they were military officers — they were wearing military uniforms, too — and it looked like they were hitting other military people on the ground with machetes,” the friend said.
“That instantly confused us,” he said. “All three of us were wondering: ‘Why are they hitting other military people?’ ”

To listen to the words of the eye-witness, click here. The New York Times article is here.
This is another clear example of the Chinese Communist Party controlled media twisting the truth into an unrecognizable form. Instead of ‘dissidents’ or ‘terrorist elements’, the injuries were caused by people in uniform.
Can the Chinese Communist Party controlled media be trusted when talking about anything?

For freedom,
Freedom’s Herald

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