Uyghur News (Tuesday, Sept. 17, 2019)

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[*] UN Chief Should Denounce China’s Abuses in Xinjiang

[*] Experts raise human rights violations by china in Tibet Xinjiang and Hongkong

[*] Washington Post: Uighur professor in China is missing and in danger

[*] Uyghur Businessman Remains Jailed Eight Months After ‘Terrorism’ Conviction Reversed on Appeal

[*] Rights groups urge UN chief over Uighurs

[*] US to confront China on Uyghur issue at UN gathering

[*] Rights Groups Urge UN Chief to Condemn China Over Treatment of Muslims

[*] Europe’s Largest Human Rights Conference Begins: Daily Brief

[*] As China sway grows, U.S. to confront it on Uighur issue at U.N.

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