Uyghur News (Thursday, Sept. 19, 2019)

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[*] Uyghur Brothers Perish While Detained in Xinjiang

[*] UN chief Antonio Guterres rejects claim he did not condemn China over Muslims detained in Xinjiang

[*] UN head urged to condemn Muslim camps

[*] New US bill demands China grant consulate in Tibet and stay away from Dalai Lama succession

[*] US to Confront China on Uyghur Issue at UN

[*] Tohti nominated for Sakharov Prize 2019

[*] U.S. Senate Votes to Sanction China over Violations of Uyghurs’ Human Rights

[*] The U.N. Secretary-General Says He Has Taken a Forceful Stance on China’s Treatment of Muslims

[*] I researched Uighur society in China for 8 years and watched how technology opened new opportunities – then became a trap

[*] How technology opened new opportunities for Uighurs – then became a trap

[*] Who are Uighur muslims and why Chinese government is oppressing them | ABP Uncut Explainer

[*] ’There Was a Cemetery Outside The Detention Center in Kashgar:’ Asylum Seeker


[*] European Parliament Names Jailed Uyghur Scholar Ilham Tohti Finalist For Sakharov Prize

[*] China’s Xinjiang Muslim ‘detention camps’: Documents show what PM Jacinda Ardern knows

[*]UN chief rejects claim he didn’t condemn China over Muslims

[*] For China’s embattled Uighurs, a bank transfer abroad can become a ‘terrorism’ ordeal

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