Uyghur News (Sunday, Sept 22, 2019)

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[*] ‘Deeply disturbing’ footage surfaces of blindfolded Uyghurs at train station in Xinjiang

[*] Burqa, illegal Islamic videos could land Uyghurs in China’s de-radicalisation centres

[*] Authenticating a video showing hundreds of kneeling people in shackles and blindfolds on a Chinese railroad platform

[*] US To Raise Xinjiang At UNGA As Inner City Press Asks of China Bribery and Antonio Guterres

[*] US urges world not to repatriate Uighurs

[*] Other voices: Missing and in danger in China

[*] Pompeo urges resistance to China’s demands to repatriate Uighurs

[*] Mosque demolitions across China raise fears over escalating persecution of Uighur Muslims

[*] The Uighur community finds life

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