Uyghur News ( Thursday, Oct 10, 2019)

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[*] ’There’s no hope for the rest of us.’ Uyghur scientists swept up in China’s massive detentions

[*] Finally, some consequences for China’s concentration camps

[*] Tashpolat Tiyip: The Uighur leading geographer who vanished in China

[*] China disturbs even the Uighur dead in ‘development’ of Xinjiang

[*] US-China trade war update: how the NBA, Xinjiang bans and Hong Kong are affecting trade talks

[*] Science organizations speak out in defense of Uyghur academics

[*] Family of Uyghur in Belgium Under House Arrest After Abduction From Embassy in Beijing

[*] Video: NBA Security Takes Fan’s ‘Google Uyghurs’ Sign

[*] Pompeo says China’s treatment of Muslims ‘enormous human rights violation’

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