Uyghur News (Friday, Nov. 22, 2019)

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[*] Xinjiang Authorities Undermine Muslim Abstention From Pork in Bid to Assimilate Uyghurs

[*] New Reporting Offers a Glimpse Inside China’s Xinjiang Practices, Renewing Calls for a U.S. Response

[*] Federal Focus on Forced Labor in Xinjiang: Supply Chain Risks

[*] Coda Follows Up: documents reveal how China orchestrated mass detentions in Xinjiang

[*] Chinese repression of Muslims in Xinjiang echoes across Central Asia

[*] Donald Trump’s America Can’t Fight Xi Jinping’s China

[*] Hong Kong and the Uighurs: How far will China go?

[*] Ethnic Cleansing Threatens Uighurs

[*] Exposing China’s cultural genocide

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