Xi-Chen Plan on the Eradication of 75% Uyghur Population In East Turkestan—Exact Translation of Some Important Information Obtained by a Mongol Student in Uyghur Homeland

Translated by Torchlight Uyghur Group
November 26, 2019

Source: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1450296248450700&id=100004110151499

I am a young Mongol man studying for my post-graduate degree in Europe. I attended my Uyghur friend’s wedding when I went to Xinjiang this summer. His older brother works for the Urumchi city government. At the time, I obtained information from him about the suppression Uyghur people and I want to share these crimes against humanity with the international community.

1- In 2016, when Chen Quango took office as the Xinjiang Party Secretary, the first thing he did was to conduct statistics on the Muslim minority population in Xinjiang. After the statistics, he learned that just the Uyghur population has already exceeded 20 million. He gathered the main Han Chinese government leaders in the Autonomous Region and asked them to make a plan to eliminate the three quarters of the Uyghur people within the next five years. At the time, some of the government leaders commented if it will be too extreme to do so, and Chen Quango responded the officials with harsh tone, saying “Will you do this work or not? If you don’t, you’re very clear about the consequences”. Chen Quango threatened the attendees viciously and started the plan to oppress and destroy the Uyghur people. Those government leaders also have numerous Uyghur friends and they were heartbroken as they revealed Chen Quango’s plan, especially when they were drunk.

2- As a first step, the government built an Integrated Joint Operations Platform (IJOP) in the Urumchi Economic Development Zone under the direct supervision of the Autonomous Regional Department of Politics and Law. The IJOP center was bigger than a soccer field. My friend’s brother told me that the IJOP system keeps scores on every single minority people. For instance, if the monitoring system showed you went to a mosque once, you will get 10 point; if you applied for a passport, you will get 5; if you visited Turkey or Saudi Arabia, or one of the five Central Asian Countries, you will get 10; if you visited any countries in the West, you will get 5; if you were not a civil servant, you will get 10; and, if you moved from one city to another in Xinjiang and changed your Hukou (Household Registration) record from one city to another, you will get 10 point, etc. If the IJOP system showed that your total score was over 15 they would arrest you and send you to a concentration camp. As a result, more than three million people were randomly arrested. They first arrested tens of thousands of intellectuals and businessmen and confiscated all of their properties and directly transferred into the government reserve for so called “ensuring stability” projects. My friend’s brother said that suddenly all the Uyghur language books, including textbooks, Uyghurs historical novels, and religious books like Quran were labeled as poisonous books and evil teaching materials, and tens of thousands of intellectuals were arrested just in a few days. Most of the intellectuals were already dead because they could not bear the brutal torture; those departed include Yalqun Rozi (Since the publication of this letter, it has been confirmed by multiple sources that Yalqun Rozi is still alive in a Chinese prison–translator).. A 35-year-old young Uyghur leader in the Autonomous Regional Propaganda Department published an article in early 2017 and expressed his view on the mass detention. He said in the article that any criminal should be arrested regardless of his or her ethnicity. Within 30 minutes of the publication of the article, his whole family disappeared. For the people in Urumchi even making a phone call to Southern Xinjiang will make them suspicious for the IJOP system. All Uyghur people are under the state of terror right now.

3 – Arresting so many people and lining them up to torture them, will surely lead them to say that others have also participated in religious activities, so that they can continue to round up more people. Questions asked during the interrogations include, “Whom did you meet abroad? Have you seen any media reports that are against the Communist Party?”, etc. Ordinary people don’t have the physical and mental strength to hold back against the cruel torture and will sign on a so-called “evidence of crime” document admitting that they watched anti-communist videos abroad, or participated in demonstrations, or attended religious activities in mosques or at homes, etc., and then they will be directly given sentences in court sessions at the detention centers or in the concentration camps. Since 2016, a new Network Information Office has been established (the leader is a Han Chinese, and the members are ethnic minority people who are fluent in multiple languages, such as Uyghur, Kazakh, Chinese and English). They are always under pressure. Each network policeman/policewoman has a daily task and must find out the so-called crime problems. For example, all the members of more than 10 websites created by Uyghurs, such as izdinix, misranim, have been sentenced, even though they are not guilty of any crime. Just listening to the Uyghur songs and watching the Uyghur language films are considered as having a serious nationalist sentiment (????) and deemed as not supportive of the Chinese culture. Uyghurs were sentenced just for browsing the Uyghur language websites, which was deemed as criminal activity. For example, hundreds of people from the izdinix website were arrested in China, and 96 of them were sentenced because they were claimed to be linked to terrorists, just because they have communicated with Dr. Erkin Sidick in the United States. More than 50 Uyghur teachers from the Bingtuan (Production and Construction Corps) Integrated Han-Uyghur School in Hami (Qomul in Uyghur) City were also sentenced at the same time because they were dissatisfied with the policy of the Education Bureau and walked out for one day in 2006. They were sentenced for having serious nationalist sentiment and for disobeying Party’s policy in 2017. More than 20 employees of Hotan City Publishing House were also sentenced for having serious nationalist sentiment. More than 40 teachers and leaders from the No. 1 Secondary School in the Kizilsu Kyrgyz Autonomous Prefecture and more than 200 graduates from the previous years were sentenced for their involvement in the “Headscarf Incident” in 2013. (The so-called “Headscarf Incident” was that, at the time, the school did not allow some students who were wearing headscarves to enter the school, prompting a clash between some male and female students in the high school and the school leaders. Some people recorded the videos of the incident and sent to friend’s circle). In 2018, a Uyghur girl in Xinjiang Medical University had a verbal argument with her Han teacher. The teacher then informed the University leaders about this incident. The school quickly came up with a false accusation that the girl prayed in the corridor and arrested her. The day before her arrest, she mentioned the quarrel with the Han teacher to a group of 20 graduates of the medical college at a party, and all those people were also arrested. The number of people sentenced in these three years has exceeded 500,000 and they are in queue for trial. The conditions of the concentration camps, detention centers, and prisons are the same as the worst prisons in the world. All day long, those people are forced to sit down with heads down, unable to move, and when they move, they are tortured. Unable to see the sun and unable to move around, hundreds of thousands of people have already died without any reason. The white paper on the concentration camp conditions reported in the Chinese media is all fake. Those concentration camp intrenees shown in the media reports were in fact community workers and police officers who were temporarily playing the roles of internees. Family members of the people who have died in the concentration camps or in prisons in 2017 received notices that their loved ones died due to heart attack; but for those who died in 2018, their families were no longer notified.

Now, the management system of each county is different, and the county leaders manage whichever the way they want. Some of them are more humane, but most of them treat all Muslim Uyghurs as terrorists. All the intellectuals and rich people among the Uyghurs have been arrested, and hatred between the various nationalities has reached its peak!

4 – My friend’s bother said, since the year 2000, unemployment rate of Uyghurs in Northern Xinjiang has been very high. Many excellent Uyghur university graduates couldn’t find ideal jobs, if not mostly in police force. Internal policy prioritized Han graduates for job offers. For many years, most Hans from other provinces had been unwilling to take jobs in Xinjiang, especially in Southern Xinjiang. The government came up with the solution to provide fake university graduation certificates to Han menial workers or Hans with only primary/middle school education, then offered them teaching positions at kindergartens and primary/middle schools in four districts of Southern Xinjiang. No locals were allowed to ask about the special treatment given to these Hans from other provinces. There is a policy called “Three Not to Ask”: not to ask about the salary; not to ask about the graduated university and major; not to ask about the hometown. As the qualifications of those teachers were extremely low, it would have been surprising if that had not caused ethnic conflicts. There was even an abhorrent criminal incident in Yarkent where a first-grade primary school teacher raped all the Uyghur girls in his class. In the end, the government set him free without trial issuing mental handicap certificate. How can one expect no resistance from Uyghurs after so many years of oppression!

5-Before Chen Quanguo arrived, in Northern Xinjiang, some primary/middle schools still had bilingual education. In Southern Xinjiang, there even existed Uyghur language education besides the bilingual one. Since Chen’s arrival, two years of great leap forward was carried out in education. Almost all the bilingual and Uyghur language educations ceased to exist, and pure Han language education was imposed. Some cities such as Sanji, Korla and Karamay have already adopted 100 percent Han language education. There remained the last year of bilingually educated pupils at some schools in Urumchi. Pure Han language education became compulsory from the first grade in primary school until the second year of high school. In Southern Xinjiang, those unqualified cadres forcefully enforced pure Han language education two years earlier, which caused most of the pupils unable to learn either Uyghur or Han well, thus having kept them from quality education. As a Mongolian, I think such oppressive, destructive, and subjugating policy of the central government towards Xinjiang will lead to unrepairable damage sooner or later. The heads of the government such as Xi Jinping and Chen Quanguo will pay for this. My friend’s brother said after his visit to Kashghar that more than one million were detained in Kashghar prefecture only. Almost all the farmers and small businessmen were suffering in the concentration camps. It is almost impossible to find any Uyghur youth in the streets of the villages. The ones not in the camps are only police, some government workers, and not labelled students. While he was narrating what did those poor, kind, innocent farmers do wrong, he couldn’t stop his tears.

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2. 第一步政府在乌鲁木齐市开发区自治区政法厅建立了面积比足球场还要大的管理一体化平台中心,我朋友哥哥说一体化平台给每个少数民族人打分,比如说通过监控显示你去过一次清真寺10分,你办过护照5分,你去过土耳其或者沙特或者中亚国家给10分,去过西方国家5分,你不是公职人员10分,你在新疆有从一个城市到另一个城市牵过户口的记录10分等等,平台上你的总分超过15分就要把你抓起来去集中营,就这样乱抓起来人超过三百万人。他们第一步先抓起来几万个知识分子和做生意的有钱人。那些人的所有资产直接转入到国库用在所谓的维稳工作上。我朋友哥哥说抓知识分子之前莫名其妙的把所有的维文教材、维文历史小说等各类书籍、古兰经等起名为毒教材、毒书籍,不到几天就抓了几万个知识分子,他们很多知识分子已经扛不住酷刑死了,包括亚力坤.肉孜已经不在了。自治区宣传部的35岁年轻维族领导2017年初发表文章表达我们应该抓任何民族的犯过罪的人,他发表完文章不到30分钟全家人不见了。甚至是乌鲁木齐的人接到南疆的电话也会落到一体化平台上的重点人物。在整个新疆维吾尔人基本上处于恐惧状态中。

3、抓起来这么多人排队给他们施加酷刑,一定让他们说出别人也参加过宗教活动礼拜、这样继续能抓更多人,出国见过谁、看过什么媒体报道反共的吗等等问题,一般人的身体素质熬不住他们的残忍酷刑就会签字他在国外看过反共的视频或者参加过游行或者在清真寺或家里的宗教活动等等所谓的犯罪证明,然后就直接在看守所或者在集中营开庭被判刑。从2016年开始新建立了网信办(领导是汉族人,成员是少数民族的会多种语言维文哈文汉语英语的人),给他们施加压力每个网警每天都有任务,一定要找出所谓的犯罪问题,比如说维族人创建的几个网站叫izdinix,misranim 等10几个网站里的所有会员们被抓判刑,哪怕你没有犯罪只是在这些网站里会员只听过歌看过电影也算你的民族情绪严重,认为对中华文化不认同,为啥去维文网站浏览等等所谓的犯罪原因而判刑。比如说在izdinix 网站抓了在国内的几百个人判刑,其中有96个人是因为跟在美国的艾尔肯.斯迪克先生有联系的记录算为跟恐怖分子联系而被判刑。哈密市兵团民汉合校的50多个维族老师也是同时被判刑,原因是他们2006年这些老师因对教育局有些政策不满意集体罢工过一天,2017年也是当作民族情绪严重、违背党政策而被判刑。和田市出版社20多个员工也因为民族情绪严重而被判刑。克州一中的40多个老师和领导以及往年的200多个往届毕业生因跟2013年发生的头巾事件有关而被判刑。(所谓的头巾事件是当时学校不允许有些戴头巾的学生进校门,当时高中的部分男女学生和校领导之间发生冲突,有人拍视频发到朋友圈里)。2018年在新疆医科大学一位维族女生跟汉族老师发生言语上的争吵,那个班主任反应给校领导,校领导极速想出办法以那位女生在走廊里礼拜的假罪恶被抓,而且被抓的前一天那个女孩跟20几个医科大的研究生参加老乡会时提到过跟汉族老师争吵的事,这些人也都被抓 。这三年内被判刑的人已超过50万而且排队审判当中。集中营、看守所、监狱的条件算是全世界最差的监狱一样,整天整天让那些人低着头坐着、不能动、一动起来就严加酷刑,看不见阳光也不运动而无缘无故死去的已经超过几十万。在中国媒体上报道的集中营条件白皮书都是假的、媒体上的那些人原来是社区工作人员、警察,临时假装让他们扮演角色。2017年在集中营或者在监狱已经死的人家属会收到通知你的亲人因心脏病突发而死等类似的通知,但2018年死的人也不通知家属,现在每个城市每个县管理系统都不一样,领导想怎么管就怎么管,有些比较人性化,大部分都是把所有穆斯林所有维族人看成恐怖分子一样对待。维族人所有知识分子和有钱人都已经被抓,各民族之间仇恨已经到了极点!



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