Uyghur News (Monday, Nov. 25, 2019)

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[*] Operating manual for Xinjiang’s massive re-education camps allegedly revealed in leaked Chinese documents

[*] UK calls for UN access to Chinese detention camps in Xinjiang

[*] What Xi Jinping Learned—And Didn’t Learn—From His Father About Xinjiang

[*] Watch: China Cables Exposes Chilling Details of Mass Detention in Xinjiang

[*] Xi must be dismayed: Chinese leader fighting fires on all fronts

[*] The man behind China’s detention of 1 million Muslims

[*] New leak reveals plight of inmates in Xinjiang camps

[*] Newly Leaked Official Chinese Documents Include Operating Manual For Xinjiang Internment Camps

[*] Meet Abduweli Ayup, the host of the @AsiaLangsOnline Twitter account for Nov 26 – Dec 2, 2019

[*] Operating manual for China’s detention camps allegedly leaked

[*] ‘What has happened to me’: manga depicting Uighur torture hits 2.5m views

[*] Xi Jinping has had a highly embarrassing week that undermined China’s power in the world. Here’s why he probably doesn’t care.

[*] Concerns grow over China’s treatment of Uighurs | The China Cables

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