The CCP Regime Has Ordered All of Local Governments in East Turkestan to Destroy the Evidences of All Concentration Camps

Torchlight Uyghur Group
December 1, 2019

Translator’s note: Shown in the attached photo is an order given by a local government in East Turkestan to its employees about the destroying all of the evidences related to the concentration camps under their control. It is an example about what the CCP regime is currently doing to cover up its serious crimes against the humanity by detaining and killing millions of innocent Uyghurs. We have translated the text in the photo into English.

Assignment for Confidential Material Clean-up


Please, within the next two days, clean out confidential materials (saved in your computers, cell phones, thumb disks, hard disks, cloud disks, internet communication tools such as QQ, WeChat records, books, printed files, etc.). The Confidential Affairs Office of our organization conducted an initial check-up yesterday and found out that even though the above-mentioned content had already been deleted from our office computer, it still did not pass for approval due to remains of QQ chat records. Please disband all the QQ and WeChat groups. As for those that can’t be disbanded, verify the group members and confirm their real names. Make sure that organizational names are not used for those groups. Please make sure to delete personal files. Letter of Commitment must be signed by next week. Thanks for the hard work!

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