Conference held on Hada and Southern Mongolian national liberation movement

On February 1, 2020, the Southern Mongolian Human Rights Information Center (SMHRIC) held an international conference entitled “Hada and Southern Mongolian National Liberation Movement” in the United States in honor of Mr. Hada’s political ideology, moral courage and life-long pursuit of national self-determination. Regarded as a national hero by the Southern Mongolians, Mr. Hada is still under house arrest after serving a 15-year imprisonment followed by an additional 4-year extrajudicial detention for demanding the right to self-determination for Southern Mongolia and refusing to cooperate with the Chinese authorities.

The SMHRIC 2020 Human Rights Champion Award was bestowed to Mr. Hada for his extraordinary contribution to the pursuit of Southern Mongolian human rights and self-determination. On behalf of Mr. Hada, Mr. Dolgion Hatgin, President of the Inner Mongolia People’s Party (IMPP) and a former member of the Southern Mongolian Democratic Alliance, accepted the award presented by the SMHRIC President Mr. Enghebatu Togochog.

Attended by Southern Mongolian freedom fighters, activists and supporters from Mongolia, Japan, Sweden, researchers and human rights observers from Amnesty International and Freedom’s Herald, representatives from Tibet and East Turkistan, as well as community leaders of Buryat, Kalmyk and Hazara, the conference consisted of four panel discussions following the opening remarks by Enghebatu Togochog and the keynote speech by Dr. Sanj Altan.

Opening Remarks by Enghebatu Togochog

Keynote Speech by Sanj Altan


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