Uyghur News ( Wednesday, Feb. 19, 2020)

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China’s Biosecurity State in Xinjiang Is Powered by Western Tech

Family of Four Likely the First Cases of Uyghurs Contracting Coronavirus in XUAR

New Xinjiang leaks detail China’s massive detention system targeting Uyghurs

Qaraqash List ‘Debunks’ China’s Claims of Combating Extremism in Xinjiang: Uyghur Whistleblower

Elizabeth May calls for China to ‘focus on the extreme peril’ of Uyghur concentration camps amid coronavirus outbreak

Advocates say coronavirus spread would be ‘catastrophic’ for detainees of Chinese internment camps

Coronavirus: More Proof China Is Unfit for Global Role

Uighur Muslims: novel coronavirus could become increasingly virulent in detention camps

Uighurs Concerned China is Luring Turkey into Silence on Xinjiang

The database includes information on more than 300 Uighur detainees – as well as records on their relatives, friends and neighbors

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