Uyghur News ( Thursday, Feb. 20, 2020)

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More Evidence of China’s Horrific Abuses in Xinjiang

New Leak Shows How China Targets Uighurs in Xinjiang

China: Uyghurs living abroad tell of campaign of intimidation

Huawei is a key player in Beijing’s anti-Muslim, Big Brother horrors

Local Official Indicates First Case of Uyghurs Contracting Coronavirus in XUAR

Bulgaria Blocked From Deporting Uighur Muslims to China

Student group protests China’s Muslim internment

It’s Time for Media to Make Religious Persecution in China a Campaign Issue

What does it mean to have your homeland annexed by a superpower?

Coronavirus crisis could exponentially worsen if it takes hold in Uighur Muslim concentration camps in China

Uighur Muslims held in China camps at risk of virus contagion

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