Uyghur News ( Thursday, March 12, 2020)

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I was in China doing Research when I saw my Uyghur Friends Disappear

U.S. human rights report raps China’s Uyghur abuse, notes Ghosn arrest

Muslim Brotherhood-Affiliated Canadian Imam Hussein Amer: The Chinese Eat Aborted Human Fetuses; Coronavirus Is Allah’s Punishment For Their Treatment Of Uyghur Muslims

‘Brands Have Real Leverage Here,’ Says Worker Rights Advocate on China Forced Labor

Nike Slumps as NBA Suspends Season, U.S. Lawmakers Target Ban on Forced Labor Goods

Evidence: China Executes Political Prisoners to Harvest Organs

I spoke to a Uighur escapee who might never see his family in China again – what he told me was horrifying

New US bill could ban imported Chinese goods from Xinjiang amid forced labor concerns

UN: Rights Body Needs to Step Up on Xinjiang Abuses

Xinjiang’s Camps Are ‘Ideal’ Settings for Infections to Spread

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