Google Supports Chinese Takeover of India's Territory

Recent visitors to the website featuring Google’s map of northern India may have noticed a recent change – one of India’s northern provinces that used to be on the border with the People’s Republic of China (PRC) is now shown as part of the PRC and they even changed the names of towns to Chinese.

As reported in the Telegraph (UK), under the title, “Google map cedes Indian Himalayan state to China“, the Google map for India (or what is claimed by India) shows that Arunachal Pradesh is now part of the PRC. The maps also show the borders of Assam as being ‘disputed.’

Back in August (2009), the Communist Chinese Party controlled media released a report on how India could be split up into 42 separate entities. The current crisis shows that by hook or by crook, the PRC will even go after their peaceful neighbors to achieve their goals. They will continue to use Sun Tzu’s methods to ensure victory before a shot is even fired.

Another note on Chinese territorial ambitions, “Creation and Maintenance of the Borders of the Chinese Empire“, provides a bit more background.

The bottom line is that the PRC will continue to bully and harass anyone they can to achieve their goals, including the United States, when they get a chance. While it is great that we have a compassionate President, I am hoping that he can press Chinese officials for some meaningful changes in their governance instead of keeping silent for fear of upsetting them.

For Freedom,
Freedom’s Herald

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