It's Official – Nepal's Leaders are in China's Pocket

As discussed in earlier postings (here and here), the Chinese government has been exerting pressure on the Nepalese authorities to curtail ‘anti-China’ rhetoric or activities (or demonstrations of free speech in support of Tibet.)

It used to be that people who escaped over the mountains could expect to be granted sanctuary or at least clear passage to India, but no more. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) achieved its goals in a neighboring state. First came a Maoist uprising, then the end to the Nepalese monarchy, and finally a new government that cracked down on Tibet supporters.

The final straw is that now the CCP-friendly authorities in Nepal agree that “Tibet is a part of China” and that the same nonsense being foisted on the people of Bangladesh and Cambodia is being used in Nepal.

Remember how the government of the People’s Republic of China always remarks about the ‘meddling in China’s affairs’, yet they feel free to turn the screws on anyone that opposes them, no matter the country in which they reside.

For Freedom,
Freedom’s Herald

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