‘Legally’ bypassing consitutional rights

According to an article in the LA Times, “China’s plan for secret detention camps alarms rights activists” the recent law will allow the Chinese authorities to place victims, (i.e., suspects,) in secret locations without having to inform the family FOR SIX MONTHS.
Hadaa was ‘released’ in December 2010 after a 15 year prison sentence, yet he (and his family) are now captives of the Chinese state.
Will Hadaa and his family be released in six months time or can they continue to apply it continuously?
Ai Weiwei was only detained for 2 1/2 months for ‘tax evasion,’ the authorities don’t even have to charge anymore – they can just detain you and make up some charge when queried.

How many friends will go away for long stretches before you stand up to say no?
When you know they are coming for you, what will be your answer then?

Believing that this new law is a tool is just more evidence that a one-party state is inherently corrupt, especially the People’s Republic of China. Just like sending folks to ‘Reform Through Labor” camps (Laogaijui) for up to three years, now if there is no evidence, ‘suspects’ (opponents) can be rounded up and effectively silenced for up to six months.
How long will the people under the rule of the Chinese Communist Party stand for it?

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