China Stabs NATO In the Back

Another glimpse of the rising world power (PRC) was exposed recently.

While a despotic dictator was clinging to power in Libya, fighting against not only the Libyan people, but also the might of NATO’s air muscle, the People’s Republic of China (PRC) extended an offer to sell weapons to the regime.

The PRC, hoping to prop up another despot in Africa, extended the offer back in July, according to the Globe and Mail in an article entitled, “China offered Gadhafi huge stockpiles of arms: Libyan memos.”

So, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the dictatorship of the people, decided that the policy of the PRC should be to ignore what the people want and stick with a despot. Obviously, it isn’t what the people want that matters – what does that say about being the proclaimed dictatorship of the people? Will they sell them out as well to maintain power – no need to answer – actions speak louder than words.

Now to examine our global ‘partner,’ our Asian ‘ally,’ our ‘friend,’ the PRC. If even one element of the weapons sold to Gadhafi injured a single sailor, airman or marine in NATO with even a scratch, that is a cause for war. The entire world backs the Libyan people and their struggle for freedom, how is it possible that a country on the UN Security Council could prolong the crisis by selling arms to the Gadhafi regime?

Make no mistakes, whether it is selling weapons to street gangs in the US or to dictators in Africa, the PRC is willing to sell the merchandise.
And they talk about being ‘civilized.’

For Freedom

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