Lawlessness Advisories on the WWW

Imagine, the thought of doing business in the People’s Republic of China is normally shown as a great thing with many profits to be had. After all, didn’t these people hold an international sporting event not too long ago? We can ignore the abuses in human rights because ‘that is the way they are’ or the low wages (or zero wages if you are trapped in laogaiju) are OK because ‘they have a different take on life and aren’t materialistic.’ Rubbish, of course; but it will soothe the conscience while pocketing the dividends of cheap oppressed labor.

While I’m still imagining the business idea, where many international corporations are spending significant cash to fund new business with the leaders of the People’s Republic of China, I bumped into an advisory on the website of the Beijing Embassy of India:

Advisory for Indian businessmen/traders doing trade/business with Yiwu- Jan 3, 2011
Advisory for Indian businessmen/traders doing trade/business with Yiwu
Indian traders and businessmen are hereby cautioned not to do business with Yiwu in Zhejiang province. They should be aware that when there are trade disputes with Yiwu, the Indian businessmen/traders can be illegally held under detention and mistreated by Chinese businessmen there. Based on experience, there is no guarantee that legal remedies will be readily available. Furthermore, in case of disputes arising, experience suggests that there is inadequate protection for safety of persons. All people who have business/trade with Yiwu are cautioned against doing business there and all people who do not have business/trade with Yiwu are requested to be careful that they do not do business with Yiwu. Indian businessmen are cautioned to stay away from Yiwu.

In case the original is removed, a pdf version exists here.

Seriously. There are lawlessness advisories on the internet for the People’s Republic of China? Are they normally kept to a smaller audience or is this just a the mark of escalating lawlessness. And you want to give them my job?

For Freedom,
Freedom’s Herald

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