Caging the Monster

I was directed to a piece on the China Heritage Project of the Australia National University webpages called “Caging the Monster.”
It begins:

“I am a Chinese writer. Allow me to say a few words about my country.”

and ends:

Finally, I hope you believe me that I am not a class enemy, nor an over-thrower of governments. All I want is to cage the monster. Yes, I am criticizing my country, but that doesn’t mean I hate my country. Rather, I love my country. I love her splendid mountains and rivers and her great civilization. I appreciate the suffering she has experienced. In fact, I love my country even more because of the suffering she has been through. Yes, I am criticizing her rotten system, but I do not want to see bloodshed while my country is improving herself. I hope the system will improve gracefully. I hope in the near future, in my country, flowers of freedom will blossom and children will smile without fear. I hope in the near future, my country, an ancient civilization, a land of suffering, will become a nation of prosperity, peace and freedom, for all.

The part in the middle is thought-provoking as well as the writings of a brave person who could suffer tremendous punishments for speaking his mind. Please take a moment to read his words and pass them along for others to see so that his potential sacrifice will have greater value.

For Freedom,
Freedom’s Herald

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