“Zero Spread” Requirements

Recently a list of regulations published as a ‘Work memo’ were imposed on Beijing Taxicab drivers. The English translation was published by the China Digital Times.

Among the rules were the following:

III. “Zero Spread” Requirements for Taxicabs During the 18th Party Congress Security Period (Convening on November 8 )

(1) During the 18th Party Congress period, taxicab drivers are to “seal the door” and “seal the windows.” “Seal the door” by activating child safety locks on the doors. “Seal the windows” by removing window cranks.

(2) During the 18th Party Congress period, taxicab drivers are to be on guard for passengers carrying any type of ball. Look for passengers who intend to spread messages by carrying balloons that bear slogans or ping-pong balls bearing reactionary messages.

(3) During the 18th Party Congress period, if driver finds himself on a route through areas of political importance, he must find a detour. Pay attention to technique and manner in order to avoid unnecessary conflict with passengers.

(4) During the 18th Party Congress period, drivers are to regularly inspect the inside and outside of their vehicles in order to ensure lawbreakers have not affixed reactionary materials or messages to the vehicle.

(5) Report any information that could affect public stability in a timely fashion. The public security corps will reward those who notify public security messengers.

The point of these rules are clear, the Chinese Communist Party can not stand any other voices to be heard or for their 18th Party Congress to be sullied in any fashion.
Imagine if these rules were imposed on the cities hosting the Republican or Democratic National Conventions.
OTOH, the city of Tampa, host of the 2012 Republican National Convention, opened areas for demonstrators to speak and even though hundreds of protestors showed up, there was none of the vandalism, violence, mayhem or countless arrests that marred other events where these folks showed up to protest.

The Chinese Communist Party still believes that the Chinese people are unsuited to be able to make decisions for themselves and must be tightly controlled. If that isn’t racist, then I don’t know what racist means.

For Freedom,
Freedom’s Herald

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