Chinese Communist Propaganda in My Backyard – Again

I have had a bit of experience with the struggle against Chinese Communist Propaganda.

Imagine a theme park where school children of all ages are exposed to what’s left of the non-Chinese people’s cultural icons. In a place called “Florida Splendid China,” our school children were taught the once free peoples that were ‘liberated’ by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) were now Chinese and happy about it. The cultural relics of their societies (such as monasteries, mosques, and even nomadic memorials) had been taken over and the original purpose/activities were banned and/or corrupted so as to destroy the link between the people and their centuries old non-Chinese culture. And then our children are taught the lies from the Chinese Communist Party controlled institution.

In a recent article entitled, “West’s universities reconsider China-funded Confucius Institutes,” it is painfully evident that the tide is turning against the so-called ‘Confucius Institutes’ that are funded and directed by the same Chinese Communist Party controlled government that brought us Florida Splendid China. In addition to classes on Chinese language, I also discovered that they teach classes, such as “Chinese Minority Cultures” and “China Today.” There are many of these Institutes of Chinese Communist Propaganda, including one at my alma mater, the University of South Florida.

The lessons learned from vanquishing a theme park will provide a basis to build a campaign.
Consider this a shot across the bow…

For Freedom,
Freedom’s Herald

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