The Demise of Florida Splendid China part 20

With the news that Falun Gong practitioners are demonstrating against organ harvesting of prisoners of conscience and members of religious and ethnic minority groups, and that western governments are starting to officially condemn the practice, Falun Gong did have a place in the Citizens Against Communist Chinese Propaganda coalition.

One local Falun Gong practitioner was visiting the dinner show and while waiting outside, he performed some exercises and the Splendid China staff immediately confronted him and said that he would have to leave if he didn’t stop. Another two American Falun Gong practitioners that had gone to Beijing for a Tiananmen Square protest had been treated brutally and now that they were back in the US, they decided join forces to let them know how we roll here in the US.

On one lazy summer afternoon, three Falun Gong practitioners with a videographer entered the park and performed their exercises in front of the Forbidden City exhibit in the area that would today be Tiananmen Square. Not just for a couple of seconds, but for several minutes. The two men who were brutalized by Chinese authorities each made a statement there as well. And then the exercises were performed in the public area of the theme park. Video is shaky and presented below:

For Freedom,
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