Uyghur News (Sunday, September 20, 2020)

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SMHRIC: A statement of solidarity with the people of Southern Mongolia

September 19, 2020
New York

The following is a statement of solidarity from the Committee on the Present Danger: China to the people of Southern Mongolia. Please visit our website for the original statement signed by the Committee Chairman and Vice Chairman:

The Committee on the Present Danger: China decries the Chinese Communist Party’s latest act of aggression against the Captive Nation of Southern Mongolia. The CCP’s mandate to replace instruction in the Mongolian language with Mandarin Chinese in all Mongolian schools demonstrates the Party’s determination to impose not merely communism upon captive peoples, but to destroy the cultural ties that unite them. By doing so, Beijing has added to its already long list of deplorable infringements on the lives and dignity of the Southern Mongolian people.

These include: severe predations of Han supremacism-driven repression of the native Mongol population; the expropriation of its property; ethnic-cleansing; destruction of the environment; and persistent attempts at cultural eradication.

By seeking to eliminate the Mongol language, the Chinese Communists seem bent next on the unchecked extermination of those who speak it. To their credit, Southern Mongolians are standing up to the CCP by courageously engaging in mass protests of its so-called “Second Generation Bilingual Education” – a deliberately misleading descriptor designed to obscure the true purpose of this policy: namely, the complete Sinicization of Southern Mongolia.

The Committee on the Present Danger: China joins the Captive Nations Coalition in standing with the people of Southern Mongolia and condemning the CCP’s ongoing and ever-more-comprehensive crackdown on the Mongolian people, the culture and identity. There must be consequences for the intensifying oppression by the Chinese Communist Party of this proud and once-sovereign nation, including the restoration of its independence.

[Signature of Committee Chairman Brian T. Kennedy and Vice Chairman Frank J. Gaffney]

For more information visit our website:

Uyghur News (Thursday, September 17, 2020)

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Uyghur News (Wednesday, September 16, 2020)

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Uyghur News ( Friday – Monday, September 11 – 14, 2020)

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SMHRIC: Southern Mongolia turns to police state as full-blown cultural genocide unfolds

September 14, 2020
New York

[Visit here for protest videos:]

Ms. Ulaan, principal of Ereen-hot Mongolian Elementary School, committed suicide in protest of China’s new round of cultural genocide (SMRHIC – 2020-09-14)

As the nationwide school boycott enters its third week in Chinese-occupied Southern Mongolia, the Chinese Government is turning the entire region into a police state. At least nine Mongolians have lost their lives, and thousands have been arrested in protest of China’s latest cultural genocide campaign carried out in the name of “second generation bilingual education.”

In a desperate move to bring Mongolian children to school, the Chinese authorities mobilized a vast army of police, SWAT teams, plainclothes officials, and interim social workers to terrorize the entire Mongolian populace.

Arbitrary arrest, extrajudicial detention, forced disappearance, and house arrest are so widespread that the Southern Mongolian Human Rights Information Center estimates at least 4,000 to 5,000 Mongolians have been placed under some form of police custody during the past three weeks. These individuals include prominent dissidents and their family members, writers, grassroots activists, herders leaders, recent protesters, and netizens.

“Massive student hunts are sweeping the region. Even in the remotest rural communities, police presence is so heavy,” a Mongolian parent said in an audio statement. “The entire Southern Mongolia is turned into a police state now.”

Another Mongolian parent stated via a short audio, “This reminds us of the large-scale genocide that we Southern Mongolians experienced in the late 1960s and early 1970s. This is nothing but the second round of ethnic-cleansing.”

Official documents in various formats flooded the region, issued by the Public Security authorities, party committees, educational bureaus, departments of discipline and inspection, courts, procuratorates and schools. The entire Mongolian population has been notified of the arrests and detention of disobedient individuals, removal from their positions, and termination of employment for those who refused to execute orders.

Among hundreds of warnings issued by multiple authorities, a public notice was jointly issued with red stamps by the Ar-Horchin Banner People’s Court, People’s Procuratorate, Public Security Bureau, Educational Bureau, and Justice Bureau, stating that “the government will place those parents and guardians under legal education training, and those who still refuse to send their children to school after the training will be given a fine with an amount ranging from 500 to 5000 Yuan and pursued for legal responsibilities.”

In the latest case, following news of the resignation of an increasing number of Mongolian officials, teachers, and even school principals, Ms. Ulaan, principal of the Ereen-hot Mongolian Elementary School, reportedly committed suicide at her home on the morning of September 13, 2020. Various sources confirmed that the 46-year-old principal was under tremendous pressure from school authorities and the government even after she resigned her position the previous week.

This is the ninth life lost in protest of the Chinese Central Government’s recent policy intended to wipe out the Mongolian language from all educational systems across Southern Mongolia. Eight other lives lost to date include a Mongolian student from Sheebert Mongolian Middle School in Horchin Left Wing Middle Banner, a Mongolian parent from Ongniud Banner, a Mongolian teacher and poet (Mr. Soyolt) from Shuluun-huh Banner, Mongolian college student from the Inner Mongolia Normal University, a 27-year-old teacher from Huree Banner, a teacher from Bayantal Sum of Ongniuud Banner, a Mongolian official (Ms. Surnaa) from Alshaa Left Banner and a Mongolian middle schooler in Hulun-boir League.

Another Mongolian parent commented on these tragic cases in an audio message: “This is a matter of dignity. When an undignified life is not worth living, brave ones take their lives to end their earthly suffering.”

Mr. Soyolt, teacher and poet from Shuluun-huh Banner committed suicide in protest of China’s new round of cultural genocide (SMRHIC – 2020-09-14)

Despite the state terror, Mongolian schools across Southern Mongolia have been unable to officially start classes. According to an Excel spreadsheet received by the SMHRIC, by September 11, only 18% of students were collected in the Zaruud Banner No. 2 Mongolian Middle School. Another similar report from the Uzumchin Right Banner shows that as of September 13, the attendance of Mongolian students is only 12.6%.

Video clips and other communications show that an increasing number of students who are confined to their schools have managed to escape the campus to join the school boycott. “These are some thirty to forty students from our middle school, running out of the school campus,” a Mongolian teacher reported while taping the students in red uniforms disappearing into the woods. “They said they don’t want to learn anything.” In another video clip, a roomful of emotional elementary school students from Zaruud Banner are crying in their classroom, refusing to participate in class.

Communications from parents and teachers confirm that the so-called “five no changes” is nothing but a piece of the official propaganda intended to justify the ongoing cultural genocide. According to the Chinese official press Inner Mongolia News, the “five no changes” are explained: “all curricula, textbooks, language of instruction, Mongolian and Korean literatures, and the existing bilingual education system will not change, except for literature, politics and history that will gradually be taught with the national common language textbooks.”

In an audio clip, a frustrated Mongolian mother questioned local educational bureau personnel who tried to persuade her to send her children back to school. “You have changed all of these five and are still saying nothing has changed. How can we trust this kind of government?”

Mr. Enghebatu Togochog, Director of the SMHRIC, stated, “Those documents issued by the authorities are intended to fool the Mongolians and mislead the international community. Unfortunately, a number of major news media around the world are quoting from those documents without having a proper fact-checking, giving the millions of readers and audiences a misimpression that the Mongolians are overreacting while China is only changing the language of instruction of three courses.”

Enghebatu added: “People who have some exposure to the Chinese official propaganda—especially those journalists who lived in China—should have not made the mistake of taking what the Chinese authorities say at the face value.”

The response of Chinese authorities to the ongoing massive resistance movement is not just a simple crackdown. A wholesale cultural genocide is being unfolded.

Reports confirm that the Mongolian language is completely banned in schools. Students are banned from speaking Mongolian during any school activities. “Those students who were forcefully taken to school are now banned from speaking in Mongolian,” a parent from western Southern Mongolia’s Otog Banner said in an audio message. “We Mongolians must be alerted [to] the seriousness and magnitude of this move.”

Witnesses stated that Mongolian books have been taken off the shelves. Some stationary stores have been ordered to remove everything with Mongolian letters on them, according to video footage.

A young Mongolian man stated in a short video clip that printing services in his area of Tongliao Municipality are refusing to serve Mongolian customers. In a similar complaint, printing and photo-copying services for Mongolian language written materials are no longer available in the regional capital Hohhot. Anything with Mongolian characteristics seem to be targeted by the authorities. A small Mongolian yurt-style structure was removed by bulldozer on the streets somewhere in Southern Mongolia, as revealed in a short video.

“No question, this is a cultural genocide,” Enghebatu said in a written statement. “China is not hesitating to carry out the genocide, one after another, in front of the eyes of the world. But the world is hesitant to call it ‘genocide.’ Unfortunately, the number of recognized genocides is only a fraction of that of the committed genocides in our world. What kind of helpless and hopeless world we are living in!”

Visit here for protest videos:

Southern Mongolian Human Rights Information Center (SMHRIC)

A Short History of Citizens Against Communist Chinese Propaganda – Part 1

I am the keeper of an untold story.
The story of a volunteer group who scored a victory against the Chinese Communist Party.

Whether or not you believe I am delusional for thinking Citizens Against Communist Chinese Propaganda closed the Florida Splendid China theme park is of no consequence. The contributions from people and organizations deserve to be acknowledged and as the Coordinator it falls on me. I apologize for taking so long. I should have ignored the threats and provided hope. A complete telling of this story would take hours, please do not allow the brevity of this presentation to diminish the accomplishments of the participants.

First, why was there opposition to the Florida Splendid China theme park?
Florida Splendid China was owned and operated by China Travel Services (HK) whose senior management are selected by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council of the Peoples Republic of China. 1 The State Council is the highest organ of state power in the Chinese Communist Party controlled Peoples Republic of China.

Secret documents obtained and translated from a 1993 Propaganda conference specifically addressed the use of cultural exchanges to spread Chinese government propaganda. 2 The St. Petersburg Times newspaper in an article covering the opening of Florida Splendid China stated their management were hoping to bring in children by the busload. 3

Opposition to the theme park focused on the following exhibits 4 :

  • Tibet's Potala Palace 5
  • The so-called Mausoleum of Genghis Khan 6
  • Id Gah Mosque 7
  • Tomb of Apak Hoja - misnamed the Xiang Fei's Tomb 8

The inclusion of the Potala Palace, home to successive Dalai Lamas since 1645, implied it was Chinese and Tibetans were Chinese. The irony is the Peoples Liberation Army bombarded the structure in 1959 during the Tibetan Uprising. The Potala Palace no longer fulfills the same role as the center of Tibetan cultural, religious, and political life as the Chinese government turned it into a museum.

The inclusion of an exhibit called the Mausoleum of Genghis Khan is another example of how the Chinese government attempted to distort history. The memory of the Great Khan was kept alive for nearly 700 years with the nomadic Three Ordons of Chinghis Khan, a mobile shrine dedicated to his memory since nobody knows the location of his grave. Under Chinese Communist rule, the three Ordons were confiscated and a structure built to house (and control) the relics. This structure is called the Mausoleum of Genghis Khan and was used as a pig pen during the Cultural Revolution. Chinghis Khan was never Chinese although his descendants ruled over them.

The Id Gah Mosque, a centerpiece of the ancient silk road city of Kashgar is used as a tourist attraction and maintained under the control of a committee of avowed atheists.

Building started on the Tomb of Apak Hoja in 1640 and is the resting place for him and 72 of his relatives, including Ipar Han. The Uyghur believe she committed suicide rather than become the Chinese Emperor's concubine - the theme park's version erases her great struggle and replaces it with a false history. Calling the structure the "Tomb of Xiang Fei" or "Fragrant Concubine" is an attempt to rewrite history.

Citizens Against Communist Chinese Propaganda also opposed the inclusion of religious exhibits 9 in the theme park. Their inclusion in the theme park implies the government of China allows the free expression of religion when all religious activity in the Peoples Republic of China is under the control of avowed atheists, the Chinese Communist Party.

To help explain what Citizens Against Communist Chinese Propaganda was not against, none of the other exhibits were a target of our activities. Our webpages provided entries for each of the exhibits 10 and solicited further information from the public. This was not an anti-China effort.

Many organizations called on the theme park management to remove these exhibits. Citizens Against Communist Chinese Propaganda wrote letters to the theme park management to discuss the signage in front of the exhibits and we would stop our activities. A letter was sent prior to each demonstration organized by CACCP and never answered. 11

Second, what was done in opposition to the Florida Splendid China theme park?

Protest demonstrations started outside the main gate of the attraction on Grand Opening day in December 1993, and continued at an average of every two or so months. 12 When the price dropped for an annual ticket to just above the price of a daily admission, demonstrators entered the park. Statements were read in front of the exhibits and videotaped, however there were no video streaming services to get the word out like today. There was local media coverage and a segment on the nightly TV news was devoted to our demonstration when Takster Rinpoche, elder brother of His Holiness Dalai Lama, attended.

Letters were written to all the 69 Florida Public School Boards relating our objections to public school field trips and the indoctrination of our children in Chinese Communist Party propaganda. 13

Our short-lived snail mail newsletter converted to the internet and morphed into a number of mailing lists, a running history of the efforts against the theme park, and information on the struggle against the falsification of Tibetan, Mongolian and Uyghur histories.

Citizens Against Communist Chinese Propaganda also held conferences with international attendees and colluded with activists in the Holland to stop the Sweet Lake China theme park scheduled for an opening in 2002. 14

I am reticent to name supporting individuals. To protect their anonymity and forgo any possible negative consequences resulting from a change of situation, I believe it to be the most prudent course of action. The list includes Tibetans, Mongolians, Uyghur, Taiwanese, Japanese, Chinese, Americans, Europeans and many others. To actually list all the names would take longer than this video and invariably some will be forgotten.
Among the organizations supporting Citizens Against Communist Chinese Propaganda in the effort against the propaganda theme were the Office of Tibet New York, Inner Mongolian Peoples Party, Uyghur American Association, International Campaign for Tibet, Eastern Turkestan National Congress, Formosans for Human Rights, International Tibet Independence Movement and members of Chushi Gangduk.

As a consequence of our efforts, Florida Splendid China closed its gates at the end of 2003. Although the media proclaimed it was the economic downturn after 9-11, the real reason was the united effort convincing Florida citizens and visitors the truth about Florida Splendid China. In April 2004, I authored an OpEd in Insight Magazine 15 to defend my position and later that month the Houston Consulate of the Peoples Republic of China. called my home. 16 The thinly veiled threats against family members were communicated to US authorities and I ceased all political activities, for a while.

Future videos will discuss certain aspects in more detail.

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SMHRIC: Students escape from locked-down school as resistance continues

September 09, 2020
New York

Visit here for more protest videos:

Authorities are trying to bribe parents who refused to send their children to school (SMRHIC – 2020-09-09)

As the region-wide nonviolent civil disobedience continues in Chinese-occupied Southern Mongolia, in protest of the Chinese Central Government’s recent decision to replace Mongolian with Chinese as the only medium of instruction, Mongolian students whom the Chinese authorities gathered and confined in the schools are starting to escape.

On September 9, more than 30 Mongolian second and third graders escaped from Shuluun-Huh Middle School in central Southern Mongolia’s Shiliin-gol League.

According to recorded messages and other communications from parents and eyewitnesses, most of these Mongolian students are children of government officials, Chinese Communist Party members and teachers and were taken to school by force. After an hour of sweeping search by the local police, school authorities and parents, they were found in a mountain near the Banner capital.

“They managed to escape by climbing over three-meter-tall walls with barbed wire fences,” a parent said in an audio message. “These students have their own opinion too. You cannot keep these rebellious kids in fences.”

“In Uushin Banner, some elementary school first graders who were forcefully taken to school are refusing to talk with their parents, and some cry day and night, showing an extreme distress,” another audio statement from a concerned parent said. “The educational authorities and schools must stop torturing these young minds and souls. The psychological trauma they are enduring now will haunt them for the rest of their life.”

In spite of the ineffectiveness of intimidation by “removing from position, termination of employment, suspension of benefits,” authorities are issuing official notices, one after another, publicizing the names and titles of those Mongolian officials, public servants and teachers who have been fired for their refusal to send their children back to school.

According to a notice issued by the Shuluun-tsagaan Banner Organization Department to the Bureau of Education, “21 comrades, including Munkhbayar, Gansuh, Sarangowaa (from Mongolian Kindergarten), Nasangerel, Uurtsaih, Altanshaa, Haschimeg, Madlaa, Sarangowaa (from Mongolian Middle School), Jirgal, Yungliang, Naras, Sechengerel, Urnaa, Narangowaa, Tanaa, Sarnaa, Unirtsetseg, Haschimeg, Altanhuaar and Saruul have been terminated from employment and put under investigation for their refusal to execute the party and national key strategic deployment in the implementation of the use of national common textbooks, and for their refusal to send their children to school.” The notice adds, “their salaries and all benefits are revoked.”

A similar notice from the Abag Banner Committee of Discipline and Inspection states that five Mongolian officials and teachers have been fired from their jobs.

In a desperate effort to collect students, local governments are sending armies of temporarily hired social workers to persuade parents to send their children back to school. As the intimidation of various methods prove ineffective, some local authorities are reportedly bringing gifts and small amounts of money to try to bribe the parents.

“Get off of my property, and never come again,” a Mongolian parent said in a short video, rejecting anything that the social workers try to distribute.

“They are trying to collect signatures and give household items, including soap and detergent, in return,” a parent said in a video clip showing a census survey which reportedly is intended to enable local authorities to harvest signatures.

A video clip received by the Southern Mongolian Human Rights Information Center shows images of signatures harvested from the Mongolian petitioners being cut and pasted for the purpose of local authorities fraudulently reporting to higher authorities that the new language policy is supported by the Mongolians.

“Now you see how your signatures from your petitions are being used. Your signatures are copied from your petitions and pasted onto their documents that will be sent to the Central Government, showing that the Mongolians are supportive of the new ‘bilingual education,’” a Mongolian parent said in the video clip.

Signs and instructions in Mongolian have been removed from buildings in some schools. Mongolian signs on buses started to be erased even though Mongolian is still one of the two official languages. Roadside paintings with Mongolian characteristics are removed, according to video clips circulated on social media.

Despite the authorities’ threats of arrest, detention, imprisonment, termination of employment, removal from official position, blacklisting of children, cutting social benefits and even confiscation of property, schools remain empty, as evidenced in many recent video clips.

Mongolians around the world are united to carry out a strong campaign of solidarity. Within two days, more than 50,000 people signed a “We the People” petition to the White House, urging the Trump Administration to pay closer attention to the ongoing “cultural genocide” in Southern Mongolia.

Visit here for more protest videos:

Uyghur News ( Monday – Tuesday, September 07 – 08, 2020)

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SMHRIC: Crackdown intensifies as the resistance continues

September 7, 2020
New York

[Visit here for protest videos:]

As the region-wide massive civil disobedience resistance movement continues across Chinese-occupied Southern Mongolia, desperate Chinese authorities are carrying out a full-blown crackdown through any means possible.

The Chinese Public Security authorities at all levels are carrying out coordinated mass arrests across the region. The targets include protestors, parents who refuse to cooperate with the authorities, WeChat group administrators, and individuals who spread the word about protests on the Internet.

Following wanted posters offering bounties for information leading to the arrest of hundreds of Mongolian protesters, a number of notices of arrest and detention have been issued by local public security bureaus in different parts of Southern Mongolia.

In one of these notices, the Public Security Bureau of Naiman Banner and Horchin Left Wind Middle Banner states that “17 people have been arrested in accordance with the law.” The notice says, “Some individuals spread false and harmful information on the Internet” and “viciously disrupted students’ normal schooling and created an adverse social impact.”

17 arrested for spreading “false and harmful information” on the Internet

In addition to arrest and detention, local authorities at all levels are threatening parents who continue to keep their children home with termination of employment, expulsion from their positions, confiscation of property, and cutting of social benefits.

In a written warning issued by the Office of the Bairin Right Banner Party Committee, all levels of party committees, government, and party local branches, administrative offices, civil societies, and business units are requested to have their employees send their children to school by September 7, 2020. Those who refuse to send their children will be subjected to “termination of employment and suspension of salary effective immediately starting September 8” and will be given “concentration training.”

Notices issued by the local authorities show that an increasing number of Mongolian employees with government, party, and educational affiliations who have refused to send their children to school are being removed from positions and fired from their jobs.

For instance, five Mongolian employees with government affiliations in western Southern Mongolia’s Ezen-Horoo Banner of the Ordos region have been fired for “refusing to execute the key national strategic deployment”. The local authorities said that the five’s “benefits have been revoked, and the banner’s Commission for Discipline Inspection is starting the process of thorough investigation.”

Mongolians believe that the tone of the handling of this resistance movement was already set by the Chinese Minister of Public Security Mr. Zhao Kezhi in his recent visit to Southern Mongolia. According to a Xinhua News report posted on the website of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China, Zhao Kezhi emphasized that Public Security authorities must “unshakably follow the Party’s absolute leadership” and “deepen and enhance the anti-separatism struggle, seamlessly implement the anti-terrorism preventive measures, [and] firmly maintain the stability in minority and religious areas, to carry out the work of enhancing ethnic harmony.”

Despite the mass arrests and harsh punishment, the vast majority of parents are still refusing to send their children to school. Messages from eyewitnesses confirm that schools and classrooms are mostly empty, and no Mongolian school has officially started.

As the WeChat group chat feature was completely shut down in Southern Mongolia, parents are communicating with each other through individual messaging to spread the word in coded language.

“Dear fellow herders, the slaughterhouses are desperate to purchase our lambs to try to use them to make inferior products with a pork flavor. Thanks to our herders’ determination, these slaughterhouses are almost empty. Victory is on the horizon. Even people outside the country are supporting our natural and healthy way of raising lambs and criticizing the slaughterhouses’ attempts to come up with counterfeit products with pork flavor. The headquarters of the slaughterhouse is under tremendous pressure. So, please never give up.” This short written message, among others, has been circulated via private messaging.

Visit here for protest videos:

Southern Mongolian Human Rights Information Center (SMHRIC)