SMHRIC: PRESS RELEASE: International human-rights coalition urges the Swedish Migration Court to avoid mistake of deporting those who need protection

PRESS RELEASE: International human-rights coalition urges the Swedish Migration Court to avoid mistake of deporting those who need protection

January 20, 2021
New York

A group of 24 international human-rights and activists groups has issued an open letter, to the Swedish Migration Court to stress their grave concern that should Mr Baolige Wurina be deported to China he faces as an exile activist and minority, a very high risk of persecution through unfair trial, imprisonment and inhumane treatment including risk of torture.

The letter urges Swedish authorities not to turn a blind-eye to the warning signs of the cultural genocide under way in Southern Mongolia, also known as “Inner Mongolia”, marked most recently by the ban of the Mongolian language and sweeping arrests of protesters by Chinese authorities. Louisa Greve of Uyghur Human Rights Projects reiterates, “We know from Xinjiang that step-by-step elimination of native language education is a red flag for slow-motion cultural genocide”.

Enghebatu Togochog, Director of New York-based Southern Mongolian Human Rights Information Centre continues, “We urge the Swedish court to recognize the true severity of what the ruling will have on the life of Baolige Wurina. Southern Mongolians have for decades been systematically oppressed by Chinese authorities in what amounts to a slow-motion genocide, regardless of what the Swedish court thinks they understand of the situation. Mongolian dissidents and exiles have a history of being imprisoned through unfair trials by the Chinese security apparatus that operate in all regions. It is certain that Baolige, having partaken in protests against China that have been amplified through this case, will face persecution in an notoriously opaque prison system should he be deported”
The letter highlights cases of past exiles of similar circumstances who have disappeared upon return, which demonstrate clearly the most probable fate awaiting Mr Wurina and must not be overlooked. The coalition calls for the Swedish court to uphold its international obligations, including its commitment to prevent refoulment – the deportation of a person at risk of inhumane treatment upon return. Mr Togochog continues: “Given that Sweden cannot guarantee the safety of Mr Wurina, and the poor human-rights record of China in regards to minorities and dissidents, the Swedish Court must not make the error of assuming that China will give Mr Wurina ‘fair’ treatment, when such ‘fair’ treatment does not exist in reality”.

The letter also stresses the very high risk that should the deportation of Mr Wurina to China go ahead, history will likely judge this as a failure of the Swedish immigration judicial system to live up to international commitments thus a threat to become a stain to the integrity of the systems as a whole. The letter continues: “this failure would not only have severe consequences on the life of Mr Wurina, but would also make the court complicit in the continued persecution and human rights abuse of minority dissidents by Chinese authorities”. It ends by stressing that the Court must review their ruling in order to ensure that protection is given to those who need protection, thereby reiterating the international standing of Sweden as a guardian of human rights.

On behalf of the following organizations:

Campaign for Uyghurs, Washington
Free Tibet, London
FreedomUmmah, Jakarta
Friends of Tibet, Bulgaria
Forum for Religious Freedom-Europe (FOREF Europe), Vienna
Grupo de Apoio ao Tibete, Portugal
International Society of Human Rights (Sweden branch), Stockholm
International Tibet Network, London
Inner Mongolian People’s Party, Sweden
Mongolian Culture Association of Sweden, Stockholm
Safeguard Defenders, Madrid
Santa Barbara Friends of Tibet, Santa Barbara
Society of Threatened Peoples (German branch), Göttingen
Southern Mongolian Human Rights Information Centre, New York
Students for a Free Tibet, Japan
Save the Mongolian Language, Russia
Southern Mongolia Congress
Swedish Tibet Committee, Stockholm
The Norwegian Tibet Committee
Tibet Support Group Nederland
Tibet Initiative Deutschland
Uyghur Human Rights Project, Washington
Uyghur Aid, Finland
Youth Liberation Front of Tibet, East-Turkistan, Manchuria & Inner-Mongolia, New Delhi

Southern Mongolian Human Rights Information Center (SMHRIC)

68-37 108th Street,6A
Forest Hills, NY 11375

Tel/fax : 001-718-786-9236
Cellular: 001-917-698-4367

Determination of the Secretary of State on Atrocities in Xinjiang

The United States of America has led the world in holding the perpetrators of the most heinous human rights abuses accountable. From the Nuremberg Trials, to the creation of the Genocide Convention in 1948, to the declaration of ISIS’s recent genocide against the Yazidis, Christians, and other religious minorities in Iraq and Syria, Americans have given voice to those who have been silenced by evil, and stood with the living who cry out for truth, the rule of law, and justice. We do so not because we are compelled to act by any international court, multilateral body, or domestic political concern. We do so because it is right.

For the past four years, this Administration has exposed the nature of the Chinese Communist Party and called it what it is: a Marxist-Leninist regime that exerts power over the long-suffering Chinese people through brainwashing and brute force. We have paid particular attention to the CCP’s treatment of the Uyghur people, a Muslim minority group that resides largely in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region in Western China. While the CCP has always exhibited a profound hostility to all people of faith, we have watched with growing alarm the Party’s increasingly repressive treatment of the Uyghurs and other ethnic and religious minority groups.

Our exhaustive documentation of the PRC’s actions in Xinjiang confirms that since at least March 2017, local authorities dramatically escalated their decades-long campaign of repression against Uyghur Muslims and members of other ethnic and religious minority groups, including ethnic Kazakhs and ethnic Kyrgyz. Their morally repugnant, wholesale policies, practices, and abuses are designed systematically to discriminate against and surveil ethnic Uyghurs as a unique demographic and ethnic group, restrict their freedom to travel, emigrate, and attend schools, and deny other basic human rights of assembly, speech, and worship. PRC authorities have conducted forced sterilizations and abortions on Uyghur women, coerced them to marry non-Uyghurs, and separated Uyghur children from their families.

Party apparatchiks have denied international observers unhindered access to Xinjiang and denounced reliable reports about the worsening situation on the ground, instead spinning fanciful tales of happy Uyghurs participating in educational, counter-terror, women’s empowerment, and poverty alleviation projects. Meanwhile, they are delivering far darker messages to their own people, portraying Uyghurs as “malignant tumors,” comparing their faith to a “communicable plague,” and exhorting the Party faithful to implement a crushing blow, telling them “you can’t uproot all the weeds hidden among the crops in the field one-by-one; you need to spray chemicals to kill them all.”


Pompeo designates China’s treatment of Uighurs an ‘act of genocide’

In a parting shot as he prepares to leave office, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo accused China of a state-sanctioned “genocide” of its Uighur population in the Xinjiang province.

“We are witnessing the systematic attempt to destroy Uighurs by the Chinese party-state,” Pompeo wrote in a statement Tuesday.

The U.S. is now the first state to accuse China of genocide. Such a determination is rare and could prompt the Biden administration to impose even more sanctions on the U.S. rival. Then-Biden campaign spokesperson Andrew Bates said last year that the Chinese Communist Party’s policies amounted to a “genocide.”
After the U.S. announcement, other nations could be prompted to make a similar determination.

“What took so long is when you do something like this, you have to be right,” Pompeo said of the timing on Fox News’ “America Reports” Tuesday. “Indeed, leaders all across the world I think will recognize the United States got this right.”

Pompeo made the determination as President-elect Biden’s administration is set to take office in less than 24 hours, and hearings for Biden’s nominee to succeed Pompeo, Antony Blinken, began Tuesday afternoon.

The secretary detailed: “These crimes are ongoing and include: the arbitrary imprisonment or other severe deprivation of physical liberty of more than one million civilians, forced sterilization, torture of a large number of those arbitrarily detained, forced labor, and the imposition of draconian restrictions on freedom of religion or belief, freedom of expression, and freedom of movement.” He added that in addition to forced sterilization and forced abortions, the CCP had coerced Uighur women into marrying non-Uighurs and separated Uighur children from their families.

Pompeo said the Trump administration had for the past four years been working to expose the Chinese Communist Party as “a Marxist-Leninist regime that exerts power over the long-suffering Chinese people through brainwashing and brute force.”

Last week, the administration announced it would halt imports of cotton and tomatoes from the Xinjiang province. U.S. Customs and Border Patrol officials said they would block any imports suspected of being tied to forced labor.

Pompeo also announced the State Department would sanction six additional Chinese and Hong Kong officials over the arrest of 50 pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong earlier this month.

Since last year, the Trump administration has steadily ramped up pressure on Beijing, imposing sanctions on officials and companies for activities and Taiwan, Tibet, and the South China Sea. Such penalties have been ramped up as the White House has blamed China for covering up information about Covid-19.

Many of those who have taken part in the repression of Xinjiang are already under sanction.

China has imprisoned over one million people, mostly Uighur and other majority-Muslim minorities, in a network of concentration camps, U.S. officials and human rights groups say.

China says its policies are only to promote development in the region.

Uyghur News (Sunday – Monday, January 17 – 18, 2021)

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Congressional – Executive Commission on China December 2020 Report

Congressional – Executive Commission on China December 2020 Report

From the Executive Summary:
The Congressional-Executive Commission on China (Commission) was established by the U.S.-China Relations Act of 2000 (Public Law No. 106–286) as the People’s Republic of China (PRC) prepared to enter the World Trade Organization.

The Commission is mandated by law to issue an annual report to the President and the Congress focusing on whether the acts of the PRC are in compliance with or in violation of internationally recognized human rights, including the rights to free expression, peaceful assembly, and religious belief and practice, as well as any progress or regression on the development of the rule of law. The Commission is also mandated to maintain a database of political prisoners in China—individuals who have been detained or imprisoned for exercising their internationally recognized civil and political rights, as well as rights protected by China’s Constitution and other domestic laws.

The Commission’s 2020 Annual Report covers the period from July 1, 2019 to July 1, 2020. As discussed in the subsequent chapters of this report, the Chinese government and Communist Party have taken unprecedented steps in the last year to extend their repressive policies through censorship, intimidation, and the detention of individuals and groups for exercising their fundamental human rights, especially in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (XUAR) and Hong Kong.

In recent years, the Commission has become increasingly concerned that the Chinese government and Party have expanded their human rights violations around the world, even reaching the American people. These efforts include threatening and intimidating critics, blocking social media content, pressuring publishers to censor their content in China, influencing academic institutions to the detriment of academic freedom, interfering in multilateral institutions, and pressuring U.S. and international companies to suppress practices that do not conform to the political narratives and demands of Chinese officials.

On Eastern Turkistan:
Over the last year, the Congressional-Executive Commission on China (Commission) found that the Chinese government and Communist Party have taken unprecedented steps to extend their repressive policies through censorship, intimidation, and the detention of people in China for exercising their fundamental human rights. Nowhere is this more evident than in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (XUAR) where new evidence emerged that crimes against humanity—and possibly genocide—are occurring, and in Hong Kong, where the ‘‘one country, two systems’’ frame-work has been effectively dismantled.

On Southern Mongolia:
In December 2019, authorities in Tongliao municipality, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, reportedly demolished a Buddhist temple on the grounds that it had been “illegally constructed.” Hundreds of herders knelt in front of the temple to protest its demolition, but police sprayed them with pepper spray and dispersed the crowd. Germany-based rights advocate Xi Haiming said that officials demolished the temple in order to eliminate the influence of religion and that they may have been concerned about the Tibetan Buddhist temple’s connection to the Dalai Lama. Many Mongols practice a form of Tibetan Buddhism.

On Tibet:
The Party and government continued to use legal and policy measures to manage and shape the religious practices of Tibetans. Tibetan Buddhism is one of five state-recognized religions, and falls under the formal jurisdiction of the state-controlled Buddhist Association of China, which this year issued two revised measures governing the credentialing of Tibetan Buddhist religious personnel and the hiring of monastic leaders at Tibetan Buddhist religious institutions.

Officials in Tibetan areas of China continued to enforce restrictions on religious observance and expressions of faith, including by prohibiting individuals from participating in religious events or celebrating holidays. Authorities in Sichuan province continued to carry out evictions of monks and nuns and demolition of monastic residences at the Yachen Gar Tibetan Buddhist complex.

The Chinese government and Communist Party continued to assert control over the processes of selection and recognition of Tibetan Buddhist reincarnated teachers, including the Dalai Lama. The Dalai Lama and Tibetan Buddhist leaders outside China maintained that the decision to reincarnate, or not, belongs to the individual in question and members of the Tibetan Buddhist religious community.

Congressional – Executive Commission on China December 2020 Report

Uyghur News (Friday – Saturday, January 15 – 16, 2021)

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Uyghur News (Sunday – Tuesday, January 3-5, 2021)

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