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Uyghur News (Sunday – Monday, October 17-19 2020)

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– Now They Come for the Uyghur Children: Thousands Sent to Jail-Like Boarding Schools

– China’s crackdown on the Uighurs

– ‘Something close’ to genocide in China’s Xinjiang: WH

– ‘Proud Australian tradition of calling out the bully’: Islamic leaders praise Andrew Hastie over plight of Uighurs

– Nuclear imperialism in China’s Xinjiang

– Uyghur Afghan National Detained in Xinjiang Internment Camp

– China Is Stepping Up Its Control over Religion

– Senators Ask Pope Francis to Press China on Religious Freedoms

– Protest in Canada against ‘China’s brutal repression’ of Uyghurs

– The Pope’s Latest Encyclical Is Beautiful—and Hypocritical

Uyghur News (Wednesday – Friday, October 14 – 16, 2020)

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– Uyghur Former Volleyball Star on Crutches After Developing Kidney Condition in Xinjiang Camp

– China lodges complaint with Canada over Trudeau’s remarks on Hong Kong, Xinjiang

– British lawmakers call for sanctions over Uighur human rights abuses

– Uighur mosques closed by Beijing, handed over for tourist use

– ‘Something close’ to genocide in China’s Xinjiang, says U.S. security adviser

– Detecting slave-made goods from China is growing harder, U.S. says

– The persecution of the Uyghurs is a crime against humanity

– Europe can no longer ignore human rights abuses against the Uyghurs in its dealings with China

Europe can no longer ignore human rights abuses against the Uyghurs in its dealings with China

– Torment of the Uyghurs and the global crisis in human rights

– How Xinjiang’s gulag tears families apart

– Canada will continue to stand up against Chinese human rights abuses, PM Trudeau says

– Thai Police Search for 2 Escaped Uyghurs, Feared to Face Deportation to China

– Chinese detention ‘leaving thousands of Uighur children without parents’

– China rejects report Uighur children being separated from parents

Uyghur News (Sunday – Tuesday, October 11 – 13, 2020)

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– Should Australian athletes boycott the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games over China’s human rights record?

– Maajid Nawaz backs sanctions against China for Uighur atrocities

– 2020 Edition: Which Countries Are For or Against China’s Xinjiang Policies?

– Peace Prize to Victim of China Would Shine Light on Xinjiang Abuses: Uyghur Nominee’s Daughter

– Xinjiang Camps: US Blocks Some Goods From China Over Slave Labor Concerns

– Uighurs in Australia fear retaliation from China for speaking out about ‘ethnic genocide’

– Uighurs tell Australian inquiry of ‘harassment’ from China

– US Needs To Recognise ‘genocide’, Take Strong Action Against China: Uyghur Leader

– Pompeo, DeVos warn about China’s influence on Confucius Classrooms in US schools

– Feds: We Busted 13 Tons Of Illegal Weave Smuggled From China

Uyghur News (Wednesday – Saturday, October 07 – 10, 2020)

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– 39 countries condemn China over policies in Xinjiang, Hong Kong

– Students from Xinjiang Subjected to Disproportionate Control

– Plight Of China’s Uyghur Minority Remains Uncertain And World Fails To Act – OpEd

– Uyghurs, Tibetans in Japan Decry Beijing’s Oppression of Human Rights in their Homelands at Diet Meeting

How global demand for hair products is linked to forced labor in Xinjiang

– More countries join condemnation of China over Xinjiang abuses

– 2020 Edition: Which Countries Are For or Against China’s Xinjiang Policies?

– Ethnic Han Leading Top Xinjiang University Signals End of ‘Autonomy’ in Region: Observers

– Parliament to debate sanctions on China after Uyghur petition

– Uighurs tell Australian inquiry of ‘intimidation and harassment’ from Chinese government

– Uyghur poet Fatimah Abdulghafur’s father died in China two years ago. She only just found out

– Block China’s seat on human rights council over Uighurs, urges Lisa Nandy

Uyghur News (Monday – Tuesday, October 05 – 06, 2020)

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– China’s treatment of Uyghur Muslims sparks anger near new embassy site in London

– Daniel Andrews is questioned over train contractors links to Uyghur labour

– Victorian Government received ‘assurances’ forced Uyghur labour not used for state’s new trains, Daniel Andrews says

– China’s Religious Persecution And Its Accomplices

– Pope Francis Denies Meeting with Pompeo Amid Election Season and Chinese Uighur Muslim Oppression

– At UN: 39 Countries Condemn China’s Abuses of Uighurs?

– US-based researcher hits back at Chinese academic over Xinjiang

– 39 nations urge access of rights observers in Xinjiang

– Human rights situation in Xinjiang and recent developments in Hong Kong: joint statement

– Western Allies Rebuke China at UN Over Xinjiang, Hong Kong

– Britain may boycott Beijing Winter Olympics over Xinjiang abuses, says Raab

– Xinjiang Authorities Jail Prominent Uyghur Comedian Over ‘Extremist and Separatist’ Songs

– Germany and Western allies call for acceptance of Uygurs as refugees as China is also slammed over Hong Kong law

– What Future, In China, For The Uyghurs? – Analysis

– Dominic Raab does not rule out Winter Olympics boycott over Uighur Muslims

Uyghur News (Thursday – Sunday, October 01 – 04, 2020)

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– China confirms death of Uighur man whose family says was held in Xinjiang camps

– Uyghur Women Released From Camps Work Long Hours For Low Pay in Forced Labor Scheme

– Chinese Abuse of Uyghur Reaches Japan, Blackmails Migrant Into Spying on Tokyo

– One French politician fights to expose China’s Uighur concentration camps

– What Forced Labor in Xinjiang Means for Supply Chain Due Diligence

– NBA player Rudy Gobert shows support for Uygurs in Xinjiang

– China is cracking down on yet another Muslim minority — the 10,000-person island Utsul community — while continuing its crusade against Uighurs

– Hats, heritage and Uyghur rights: Ensuring this threatened culture is never forgotten

– China Admits Death Of Uyghur Man Who Was Allegedly Detained In Xinjiang Camps

Uyghur News (Monday – Friday, September 28 – October 02, 2020)

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– China’s President Xi says Xinjiang policies ‘completely correct’ amid growing international criticism

– Uncovering China’s Muslim gulag

– Chinese President Xi Jinping defends Xinjiang detention network, claiming ‘happiness’ is on the rise

– US moves to ban imports tied to forced Uighur labor in China’s Xinjiang region

– Xinjiang: 16 thousand mosques destroyed or damaged in the last three years

– Time Honors Uighur American; House Bans Imports Made by Forced Uighur Labor

– Uighur policy ‘could light fire’ under Xi Jinping in Muslim world

– China Defends Policies Targeting Muslims as NYT Reports More Abuses in Xinjiang

– UK Govt Mulls Proposal To Allow Uyghurs To File Plea In High Court Against Genocide In China

– Chinese teacher who poisoned 25 kindergartners out of ‘revenge’ sentenced to death

– Uighurs could be allowed to seek genocide ruling against China in UK

– China builds new ‘detention facilities’ in Xinjiang: study

– Uyghur Welfare Recipients Barred From Prayer in New Restriction on Religion

– U.S. puts China at top of forced labor list

– Merkel accuses China of ‘cruel treatment’ of minorities

– China Doubles Down on Xinjiang Policy Amid Reports of Cultural Erasure

– Jazz Gobert Shares Support For Uyghur Muslims In China

– Uighur Couple, Official’s Article Confirm China’s Ban on Islamic Marriage Vow

– Rudy Gobert becomes first NBA player to speak out against concentration camps in China: ‘Wrong is wrong’

Uyghur News (Friday – Saturday, September 25 – 26, 2020)

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– China rebuked by West at U.N. rights forum on Hong Kong, Xinjiang

– China Is Erasing Mosques and Precious Shrines in Xinjiang

– Dragon intensifies its ethnic cleansing programme in Xinjiang; justifies its removal from the permanent membership of UNSC

– Colonialism and cultural erasure in Xinjiang

– Xi Says China Will Continue Efforts to Assimilate Muslims in Xinjiang

– How China’s project to de-Islamicise its Uyghur Muslims began and continues

– China accused of razing religious sites and shrines in Xinjiang to wipe out Uyghur Muslims

– CCP Continues to Destroy Uyghur Families: The Story of Mirehmet

– Family in ‘concentration camp’ Uighur man tells UN body

Uyghur News (Thursday, September 24, 2020)

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– Night Images Reveal Many New Detention Sites in China’s Xinjiang Region

– Are Xinjiang Detention Camps Expanding?

– China’s vast network of ‘re-education camps’ and prisons where hundreds of thousands of Uyghur Muslims are detained is growing, new Australian mapping project reveals

– There is now more evidence than ever that China is imprisoning Uighurs

– US senators urge Netflix to scrap Chinese series, citing Uighurs

Uyghur News (Monday – Wednesday, September 21 – 23, 2020)

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– Xinjiang government confirms huge birth rate drop but denies forced sterilization of women

– Missing Uyghur Confirmed Dead by UN Working Group on Disappearances

– Why The U.S. Should Issue An Atrocity Determination For Uighurs

– Major brands try to determine if cotton in their clothes is from Uighur forced labor in China

– Why Are Central Asian Countries Silent About China’s Uyghurs?

– USCIRF Commissioner Nury Turkel Named to TIME’s Annual TIME100 List of 100 Most Influential People in the World

– US House passes forced labour bill that would bar Xinjiang imports

– US Congress Moves to Bar All Goods Made in Xinjiang

– Pompeo says U.S. working on language for China’s treatment of Muslims in Xinjiang

– Uyghur Scholar Ilham Tohti’s Daughter Calls For His Release on Sixth Anniversary of His Jailing

– Ilham Tohti’s punishment for challenging China’s historical narrative

– U.S. House passes China forced labor bill near unanimously