Somali Pirates Get More Than They Bargained For

From Foxnews & Long War Journal:
An Iranian ship was captured by pirates off the coast of Africa, but that is not the news since quite a few ships have been seized in the past few months. What makes this report different is that after inspecting the cargo, many of the pirates had burns on their skin, lost their hair and an unknown number died. Reportedly, the cargo was ‘iron ore and industrial products’ loaded onto the MV Iran Deyanat in Nanjing, People’s Republic of China (PRC.) Of course, any hint that a dangerous cargo was loaded on the ship has been denied by both Iranian and Chinese officials.
Whether this incident is proof of the PRC aiding Iran to obtain WMD or just an indication that corruption inside the PRC can allow the transportation of harmful agents, it does show that the government of the PRC is operating without concern for the consequences. The Communist Party leadership may be embarrassed by the incident, but there is no accountability; nobody will suffer except the hapless pirates. Another example of the downside to a one-party state.

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