Free Tibet Campaign Releases Report on Torture

The Free Tibet Campaign (UK) has released a document on the use of torture in the continuing suppression of the Tibetan people. Some of the data was collected by the United Nations.

Director of Free Tibet, Stephanie Brigden, said:

“Despite claims by the Chinese Government that there are “extremely few cases of torture” the evidence tells a different story. Torture is not only widely practiced in Tibet but as the UN confirmed only last month, its practice is now routine. There is no doubt that the Chinese Government is permitting the use of torture as a weapon to suppress the Tibetan people.

The international community can no longer hide behind sound bites condemning China’s human rights track record in Tibet and must now take specific actions to reverse the worsening crisis in Tibet”

The report, entitled “The Tortured Truth” is available at:

The UN Committee’s conclusions following the periodic review of China’s record on torture are available at:

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