Uyghur News ( Thursday – Friday, April 23-24, 2020)

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Down The Memory Hole: China’s Imperial Problem in Xinjiang

US Holocaust Museum Adds China to List of Case Studies Over Mass Internment of Uyghurs

Lawyers Call on UK Not to Import Cotton From China Because of Forced Labour Claim

Is China committing genocide while the world is distracted by the global pandemic?

Believers Tortured to Renounce Their Faith in Xinjiang’s Camps

USCIRF Commends U.S. Holocaust Museum Spotlight on China

MIT cancels China AI firm contract over human rights concerns

Exile Groups Call For Muslims to End Silence on Uyghurs at Start of Ramadan

Ramadan For Muslim Uyghurs Could Mean Jail

Stores criticised over materials linked to Uighur labour camps

Policy, Guns and Money: Uyghurs for sale

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