Uyghur News ( Saturday – Tuesday, May 02 – 05, 2020)

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China plans to send Uygur Muslims from Xinjiang re-education camps to work in other parts of country

‘What Are They Trying To Hide?’ Uyghurs Ask of China’s Media Curbs in Xinjiang

‘Then They Came For Me – And There Was No One Left To Speak For Me’

An overview of Human Rights Violation in Xinjiang

Religious freedom reports condemn China’s war against Christianity and other faiths

What to know about US legislation aimed at punishing China for human rights abuses

Preserving Uyghur Art And Culture Amid Cultural Genocide

Surveillance Increases in Xinjiang’s Residential Communities

‘She Might be Out, But She’s Under Surveillance’: Sister of Uyghur Former Camp Detainee

Vast “Skynet” surveillance system exacerbates crackdown on religious freedom in China–Skynet–surveillance-system-exacerbates-crackdown-on-religious-freedom-in-China/

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