Uyghur News ( Wednesday – Thursday, July 22 – 23, 2020)

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– Xinjiang Authorities Instruct Residents to Mislead Investigators Over Population Controls

– France wants observers to check China’s Uighur region

– Glavin: Canada cowers instead of helping China’s persecuted Uighurs

– Top 10 world news today: Houston consulate row, China on Uighurs and more

– What Is Known About China’s Forced Sterilization of Uighur Women

– Coalition Brings Pressure to End Forced Uighur Labor

– We have concerns over human rights abuses against Uyghur Muslims in China’s Xinjiang: British High Commissioner Sir Philip Barton.

– Nike Says China-based Supplier Sent All Uyghur Workers Home Amid Forced Labor Allegations

– The Board of Deputies of British Jews compares China to Nazi Germany over treatment of Uyghurs


– U.S. state official testifies China is working to steal U.S. COVID-19 technologies

– Apple and Nike urged to cut ‘China Uighur ties’

– China is pursuing ‘demographic genocide’ against Uighurs, leading scholar says

– My people are being murdered by China

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