Uyghur News ( Sunday – Monday, August 09 – 10, 2020)

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– Faith leaders, including 20 British Rabbis, call for urgent action on Xinjiang ‘potential genocide’

– The Story of Rizwangul: A Uyghur Woman in Search of a Brother Who “Disappeared”

– Apple imported clothes from Xinjiang firm facing US forced labour sanctions

– Cabada’s duty to prevent unfolding Uyghur genocide

– Indian-Americans protest China’s aggression against India, human rights violations of Uyghurs

– Filing of a petition with ICC: Beginning of Uighurs’ legal battle against China

– Why is the Catholic church silent on the Uighurs?

– Chinese pressure? Pope Francis remains silent on Uighur Muslims

– Chinese Cardinals, World Religious Leaders: ‘We Stand With the Uyghurs’

China cover-up: Beijing forced Uighurs to work during the peak of coronavirus pandemic

– Apple Sourced Clothes for Apple Stores From Chinese Firm Accused of Using Forced Uighur Muslim Labor

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