Uyghur News (Friday – Saturday, September 25 – 26, 2020)

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– China rebuked by West at U.N. rights forum on Hong Kong, Xinjiang

– China Is Erasing Mosques and Precious Shrines in Xinjiang

– Dragon intensifies its ethnic cleansing programme in Xinjiang; justifies its removal from the permanent membership of UNSC

– Colonialism and cultural erasure in Xinjiang

– Xi Says China Will Continue Efforts to Assimilate Muslims in Xinjiang

РHow China’s project to de-Islamicise its Uyghur Muslims began and continues

– China accused of razing religious sites and shrines in Xinjiang to wipe out Uyghur Muslims

– CCP Continues to Destroy Uyghur Families: The Story of Mirehmet

– Family in ‘concentration camp’ Uighur man tells UN body

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