Uyghur News (Monday – Friday, September 28 – October 02, 2020)

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– China’s President Xi says Xinjiang policies ‘completely correct’ amid growing international criticism

– Uncovering China’s Muslim gulag

– Chinese President Xi Jinping defends Xinjiang detention network, claiming ‘happiness’ is on the rise

– US moves to ban imports tied to forced Uighur labor in China’s Xinjiang region

– Xinjiang: 16 thousand mosques destroyed or damaged in the last three years

– Time Honors Uighur American; House Bans Imports Made by Forced Uighur Labor

– Uighur policy ‘could light fire’ under Xi Jinping in Muslim world

– China Defends Policies Targeting Muslims as NYT Reports More Abuses in Xinjiang

– UK Govt Mulls Proposal To Allow Uyghurs To File Plea In High Court Against Genocide In China

– Chinese teacher who poisoned 25 kindergartners out of ‘revenge’ sentenced to death

– Uighurs could be allowed to seek genocide ruling against China in UK

– China builds new ‘detention facilities’ in Xinjiang: study

– Uyghur Welfare Recipients Barred From Prayer in New Restriction on Religion

– U.S. puts China at top of forced labor list

– Merkel accuses China of ‘cruel treatment’ of minorities

– China Doubles Down on Xinjiang Policy Amid Reports of Cultural Erasure

– Jazz Gobert Shares Support For Uyghur Muslims In China

– Uighur Couple, Official’s Article Confirm China’s Ban on Islamic Marriage Vow

– Rudy Gobert becomes first NBA player to speak out against concentration camps in China: ‘Wrong is wrong’

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