Uyghur News (Thursday – Sunday, October 01 – 04, 2020)

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– China confirms death of Uighur man whose family says was held in Xinjiang camps

– Uyghur Women Released From Camps Work Long Hours For Low Pay in Forced Labor Scheme

– Chinese Abuse of Uyghur Reaches Japan, Blackmails Migrant Into Spying on Tokyo

– One French politician fights to expose China’s Uighur concentration camps

– What Forced Labor in Xinjiang Means for Supply Chain Due Diligence

– NBA player Rudy Gobert shows support for Uygurs in Xinjiang

– China is cracking down on yet another Muslim minority — the 10,000-person island Utsul community — while continuing its crusade against Uighurs

– Hats, heritage and Uyghur rights: Ensuring this threatened culture is never forgotten

– China Admits Death Of Uyghur Man Who Was Allegedly Detained In Xinjiang Camps

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