Uyghur News (Sunday – Monday, October 17-19 2020)

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– Now They Come for the Uyghur Children: Thousands Sent to Jail-Like Boarding Schools

– China’s crackdown on the Uighurs

– ‘Something close’ to genocide in China’s Xinjiang: WH

– ‘Proud Australian tradition of calling out the bully’: Islamic leaders praise Andrew Hastie over plight of Uighurs

– Nuclear imperialism in China’s Xinjiang

– Uyghur Afghan National Detained in Xinjiang Internment Camp

– China Is Stepping Up Its Control over Religion

– Senators Ask Pope Francis to Press China on Religious Freedoms

– Protest in Canada against ‘China’s brutal repression’ of Uyghurs

– The Pope’s Latest Encyclical Is Beautiful—and Hypocritical

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