Uyghur News (Tuesday – Friday,October 27 – 30, 2020)

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– Uyghurs are desperate for action in Xinjiang. Some say only Trump can help

– US senators propose China ‘genocide’ declaration

– Indonesia Mum on Fate of Uyghur Prisoners Reportedly Deported to China

– In Indonesia, Pompeo Urges Muslims to Challenge China’s Xinjiang Policies

– Pompeo Says China ‘Gravest Threat to Future of Religious Freedom’

– China’s most-controlled region is facing the country’s biggest coronavirus outbreak in months

– Pompeo calls on Indonesian Muslims to oppose China’s Uighur issue

– Senators Call for Formal Recognition of the Uyghur Genocide

– Activists Hail Canadian Parliamentary Committee Report on Uighur ‘Genocide’

– Hard to find greater a ‘hypocrite’ than Imran Khan: Analysts on Pak PM’s silence on Uighur issue

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