Uyghur News (Saturday,October 31 – November 04, 2020)

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– ‘China’s Uyghur Genocide Setting Worst Example To Other Nations’: Ex-Pentagon Official

– Hursan Hassen’s story is a Uighur tragedy

– Indonesia Deports Three Uyghurs Back to China

– YU Stands with Uighurs Holds First Event

– How to hold China accountable on human rights issues | Statement.

– Xinjiang Covid Outbreak Is China’s Biggest Since Summer

– Six Camp Detainees From a Street in Xinjiang’s Uchturpan Have Died or Are Seriously Ill

– CFU executive director Rushan Abbas calls China’s treatment towards Uyghur intellectual Hursan Hassan an example of ‘brutal persecutions’

– ‘UN actively passing names of Uighur dissidents to Chinese regime:’ whistleblower

– Virus Outbreak: Xinjiang outbreak China’s most severe since summer

– Self-Proclaimed Uyghur Former Chinese Spy Shot by Unknown Assailant in Turkey

– Uyghur civilisation in China continues to be erased as part of chilling mission

– ‘The atmosphere has become abnormal’: Han Chinese views from Xinjiang

– Man ‘forced’ to inform on fellow Uyghurs for China shot in Turkey, report says

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